The Marvels Teaser Poster Release: Brie Larson’s Movie Trolls won’t Stop Sharpening The Foundation

The Marvels Teaser Poster

Brie Larson‘s trolls have no intention of slowing down on the internet after The Marvels teaser poster release. know more…

The Marvels Teaser Poster & The Tolls

Currently, impulsive responses have gained significant popularity, as Phase Five of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is deemed to be trouble in the eyes of many due to a series of unpleasant announcements, disclosures, and unveilings.

Those who anticipated a fresh start with the end of Phase Four and an exciting Multiverse Saga with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania were disappointed as it received the second-lowest rating among the 31 films in the MCU.

The fact that Jeff Loveness is writing both Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and The Marvels has lowered expectations for the former and increased scrutiny on the latter. Many now believe that Brie Larson’s second solo film, Carol Danvers, will suffer a similar fate with The Marvels teaser poster release.

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Serious Concerns By Fans with The Marvels teaser poster release:

Although the upcoming sequel directed by Nia DaCosta is not the first movie to be released, the fact that James Gunn is both the writer and director for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, coupled with the widespread love for the first two movies, has given fans the impression that the beloved group of misfits will not suffer from the recent decline in quality that has affected the three lowest-rated installments in MCU history, all released in the span of just 13 months. But fans still are fumed, you can see some responses here:

With The Marvels Teaser Poster release, fans have had enough of these repetitious failed franchises and are longing for the electrifying resurrection of the X-Men like parched travelers seeking an oasis in the desert.

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A Comedy??? A Joke???

There have been a number of talks regarding The Marvels Teaser Poster Release and leaks of the film and Brie Larson’s new appearance, according to a BGR column. Marvel surely is terrible at keeping secrets.

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Fans are anxious about the tone and quality of the film after a recent series of Twitter messages from user @homeofmcu, including suspected leaks. Based on the claimed leak from @homeofmcu, Marvel fans raised worry over the reported comic, light tone of Brie Larson’s The Marvels flick. According to the leak, the film will have a strong comedic tone.


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