Best Brandon Sanderson Books in Order to Read: A Must-Have List for Fantasy Fans (COSMERE)

Best Brandon Sanderson Books in Order

If you continue reading in this manner, you will undoubtedly be able to enjoy the syrupy perk of the best Brandon Sanderson books you deserve. I strongly advise you to read the best works by Brandon Sanderson, the all-time popular fantasy author, in order.

You must have wondered in what order should I read Brandon Sanderson’s books, considering he has over 40 volumes that don’t all take place in the same world of his epic fantasy genre or employ the same magical system. Not to worry, I’m here to aid. I feel that starting with the Cosmere universe is a brilliant option. Let’s all delve into the world of magic and adventure.

Best Brandon Sanderson books of the Cosmere Universe

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The Mistborn Trilogy, which recounts the narrative of a group of people struggling against a strong, repressive monarch, is my particular favorite from the list of the best Brandon Sanderson books. The trilogy contains a lot of action, interesting characters, and a unique magic system. The Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker, and The Way of Kings are also excellent works from the Cosmere universe.

I’ve included all of the best Brandon Sanderson books below, under the “Cosmere Universe,” which offer a vivid and engaging experience for readers who appreciate fantasy worlds and narrative.

List of Best Brandon Sanderson Books:

1 – The “Stormlight Archive”: A Speculative Fiction In The World Of Cosmere

1The Way of KingsNovel2010
2Words of RadianceNovel2014
6Rhythm of WarNovel2020
7Horneater (Upcoming)Novella2023
8Knights of Wind and Truth (Upcoming)Novel2024
The “Stormlight Archive”

It is a continuous epic fantasy novel series and takes place in the world of Roshar, where strong magical storms rage throughout the earth. The series features a group of people caught up in a war between Roshar’s native species and an ancient, malicious evil called ‘the Voidbringers‘.

There are also various novellas and short stories based in the “Stormlight Archive” world that give extra context and background for the series. Readers and critics have praised Sanderson’s “Stormlight Archive,” which is regarded as one of the best Brandon Sanderson books of all time.

It explores numerous tales that finally intersect and are portrayed in a combination of third-person narration and character views. The “Stormlight Archive” series is still ongoing.

2Mistborn (series) : An Epic Fantasy Series

ERA 1First Mistborn TrilogyThe Eleventh MetalShort Story2011Released in the core rule book of the Mistborn adventure game, subsequently in Arcanum unbounded.
Mist Born: The Final EmpireNovel2006
The Well Of AscensionNovel2007
The Hero Of AgesNovel2008
Mistborn Secret HistoryNovella2016This occurs concurrently with events ranging from the conclusion of Mistborn: The Final Empire to the end of the hero of Ages. Ideally, it should be read after the bands of mourning.
ERA 2Wax & Wayne SeriesThe  alloy of lawNovel2011
Shadows of selfNovel2015
The bands of mourningNovel2016
The lost metalNovel2022
Allomancer Jak and The Pits of EltaniaShort Story2014Released in the Mistborn adventure game’s alloy of law supplement, and later in Arcanum unbounded.
ERA 3Second Mistborn Trilogy ( upcoming )
ERA 4Third Mistborn Trilogy ( upcoming )
Mistborn (series)

Brandon Sanderson‘s Mistborn is a significant part of his Cosmere sequence and is established mostly on the planet Scadrial. Mistborn: The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension, and The Hero of Ages are the most well-known installments, but there have been more. It is one of the best Brandon Sanderson books ever.

He initially intended a “trilogy of trilogies,” but this has evolved into a variety of series spanning various times in Scadrial’s history.

ERA 1 – First Mistborn Trilogy:

ERA 2 – Wax & Wayne Series:

3 – White Sand (Series)

The storyline of The White Sand, one of the best Brandon Sanderson books, is presented in three volumes and follows Kenton, a member of the Sand Masters, a group of individuals in Taldain who have the power to control sand. Following the king’s killing, Kenton must negotiate deadly political intrigue and conflicts against different groups in order to claim his rightful place as ruler of Taldain.

1White Sand Volume 1Graphic Novel
2White Sand Volume 2Graphic Novel
3White Sand Volume 3Graphic Novel
4White Sand Omnibus (Upcoming)Graphic Novel
White Sand (Series)

4- Elantris

The Hope Of ElantrisShort Story2006

“Elantris” is a solitary fantasy novel released in 2005. It was the author’s first and one of the best Brandon Sanderson books. It takes place in a world where persons with magical talents, known as “Shadren,” are shunned by society and forced to reside in Elantris. Raoden, the prince of Arelon, is the novel’s primary character.

He is magically converted into a Shadren and exiled to Elantris. Raoden realizes that the Shadren are not the monsters that society perceives them to be as he struggles to adjust to life in the city, and he begins to uncover the truth about the mysterious force that transformed him.

It was first available as an e-book on Amazon before being made available on Brandon Sanderson’s own website. The novel is set in Elantris and takes place at the same time as significant events in the book, but focuses on other individuals. 

“If you haven’t read the novel Elantris, this includes huge spoilers,” Brandon Sanderson remarked on Elantris.

5- Warbreaker

“Warbreaker,” also a solo fantasy novel and one of the best Brandon Sanderson books, was released in 2009. It takes place in a universe where the color of one’s eyes determines one’s talents.

The plot revolves around the lives of two sisters, Siri and Vivenna, who are embroiled in a power struggle for the kingdom of Hallandren.
In an effort to create peace between the two kingdoms, Siri, the younger sister, is selected to be the wife of the God King, the ruler of Hallandren. The older sister, Vivenna, is opposed to the arrangement and sets out to save Siri from her fate. Along the journey, the sisters realize that not everything is as it appears, and that deeper forces are at work beneath the kingdom’s political intrigue.

6-Arcanum Unbounded

Brandon Sanderson’s “Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Compilation” is a collection of short stories. It was released in 2016 and is set in his many worlds, including the “Mistborn,” “Stormlight Archive,” and “Elantris” series.

The book contains nine stories, each set on a distinct planet within Sanderson’s wider “Cosmere” universe. The tales examine many facets of the Cosmere and give more context and background for the series set inside it. Some of the stories stand alone, while others are linked to the bigger series and give further insight into the people and events in those series.

7-The Emperor’s Soul (Stand-Alone Novella) 

The Emperor’s Soul is released in 2012. The narrative is set in a universe where humans could use a procedure called “forging” to make “fabrications”—things infused with magical abilities.

The story’s protagonist is a young lady named Shai, who is a brilliant forger. She is hired by the Emperor of the World’s Empire to create a new soul for the Emperor’s injured body. She must contend with the hazards of her trade as well as the Emperor’s advisers’ machinations while working on the mission. Although it’s a novella, it still has a special place in my heart and is undoubtedly one of the best Brandon Sanderson books ever.

8- Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell (Novella)

Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell was published in 2013. The narrative takes place in a realm named Threnody, which is afflicted by strong monsters called “Silentgrapes”.

Silence Montane, the story’s protagonist, manages a safe home for visitors in the woodlands of Threnody. Silence is ensnared in a web of betrayal and peril when a group of mercenaries arrives at her door seeking shelter and information. The novella delves into issues such as loyalty, survival, and the effects of violence.

9-The Emperor’s Soul (Sixth Of The Dusk) (Upcoming)

In essence, Brandon Sanderson’s “The novels included in the fictional universe of Cosmere” are great fantasies that have charmed readers of all ages for decades. These are the best Brandon Sanderson books from the Cosmere Universe and must-reads for anybody who appreciates the fantasy genre, thanks to their unforgettable characters, rich world-building, and themes of love, sacrifice, and the battle between good and evil. Sanderson’s works are everlasting classics that should never be disregarded.

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