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Miss Universe Title Goes to Transgender Woman for the First Time : Miss Universe Netherlands 2023

Miss Universe Netherlands 2023

Rikkie Valerie Kolle Makes History as First-Ever Transgender Miss Universe Netherlands 2023 Winner.

Rikkie Valerie Kolle, a 22-year-old candidate, was crowned Miss Netherlands after winning the competition on Saturday. This feat qualifies her to represent her nation in the forthcoming Miss Universe competition, which will take place later this year. Women from all around the world will compete for the renowned title in this worldwide event.

Miss Universe Netherlands 2023 Rikkie Valerie Kolle

While a multitude of queer supporters wholeheartedly celebrate the win of Miss Universe Netherlands 2023, it is also seen that there are individuals who firmly hold the belief that the inclusion of a trans woman in an event exclusively meant for cisgender women raises questions about fairness and eligibility.

This subtle argument about inclusion and the boundaries of gender-based contests emphasises the need of a larger discussion about how society defines and respects gender identity. Some argue that the contest’s traditional framework should be upheld to ensure a level playing field, while others advocate for a more progressive approach that embraces and affirms the experiences of trans individuals.

Exploring this conflict may provide insight on our society’s growing understanding of gender, underlining the significance of empathy and open discourse in bridging gaps between opposing viewpoints on Miss Universe Netherlands 2023.

Watch some tweets opposing her winning

And the list goes on.

Prior to this, Dylan Mulvaney was also shamed for being the face of Bud Light.

Bud Light was chastised for sending a commemorative beer can with Mulvaney’s picture on her one-year transition milestone. Mulvaney’s Instagram picture featuring the limited-edition can sparked calls to boycott the item.

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Ona Moody, the previous Miss Netherlands, and reigning Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel (from the United States) were on hand to present Kolle with the grand award.

While she is ready to make history as the first trans woman from the Netherlands to compete for the Miss Universe Netherlands 2023 title, she joins a great genealogy of pioneering trans women fighting for the coveted championship.

Remember Angela Ponce of Spain, who enthralled the entire world in 2018? She led the way, and today other trans women are confidently strutting their stuff on the Miss Universe platform, exhibiting their beauty and brilliance.

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Miss Universe Netherlands 2023
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That’s not all; the Miss Universe organisation’s new owner is the incredible transgender powerhouse Anne Jakrajutatip. The excitement is palpable as Kolle, overflowing with joy, took to social media, exclaiming, “I DID IT!”

She wrote in her Instagram handle, “It’s unreal but I get to call myself Miss Universe Netherlands 2023. It was an educational and beautiful journey, my year can’t be broken anymore. I’m so proud and happy I can’t even describe it. Making my community proud and showing it can be done. 🏳️ ️️ And yes I’m trans and I want to share my story but I’m also Rikkie and that’s what matters to me. Did this on my own and loved every moment of it. ❤️”

She went on, “II want to thank the jury and everyone from the Miss Netherlands team for their trust, this is only the beginning. My dearest co-finalists we each put on a show, love you all girls❤️My dear family and friends, my N1 supporters, you gave me so much extra strength from the hall. And wherever you are in the world, I want to be there for you and be the example that I missed as a little me. On to many more adventures, let’s get @missuniverse ready. So excited!!!”

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