Captain America New World Order: Returning Of Chris Evans!!!

Captain America New World Order

Huzzah! Evans is making a reap the rewards to the epic universe of the MCU, but only for a brief cameo in “Captain America New World Order“, rather than a leading role. Read to know more…

What Evans Said About Captain America New World Order

Chris Evans hasn’t shown much enthusiasm for revisiting his role as Steve Rogers in public, but he hasn’t completely dismissed the possibility either. Although he has stated that Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie, is the legitimate successor to the Captain America tradition, he has not fully ruled out a comeback.

Chris Evans spoke to ComicBook in June and acknowledged the prospect of a comeback, but also stated that it would be a difficult feat.

Here is what he said about Captain America New World Order: “I don’t want to disappoint anybody but it’s tough to… It was such a good run and I’m so happy with it… It’s so precious to me. It would have to be perfect. It just would be scary to rattle something that is, again, so, so dear to me. That role means so much to me. So, to revisit it, it would be a tall order.”

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The interviewer brought up a point that fans had often addressed throughout the interview with Chris Evans: the desire to see Evans return in a plot that explains how he restores the Infinity Stones to their correct placements at the end of Avengers: Endgame. But, given that Evans’ role in Captain America New World Order is restricted to a cameo, it’s doubtful that the Infinity Stone quest will be featured in the film. Yet, it is feasible that the storylines will be linked in a more indirect manner.

What Can We Expect?

With the exception of a few people who believe he may be living on the Moon, the bulk of the MCU’s population believes Steve Rogers has died. Nonetheless, it appears that, like Tony Stark, the popular belief is that he died while facing Thanos. It’s possible that the Avengers made up this story to give Steve some peace in his final years.

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It’s conceivable that we may see him in a flashback or in another role. Carl Lumbly will reprise his role as Isaiah Bradley, a super soldier and Korean War veteran who was imprisoned by the US government before fleeing in the 1980s. It’s feasible that we’ll witness an unreported contact between Rogers and Bradley after Rogers is unfrozen. Let’s wait and see until his casting in Captain America New World Order cast is completely official.

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