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The Flash Final Season Plan Changed: Here’s Why

The Flash Final Season

The Flash final season’s plan has changed, as the CW showrunner is opting out of making season 10. Read more…

The Flash Final Season

The CW‘s The Flash final season has officially kicked off with the premiere of Season 9, marking the beginning of the end of the superhero series. In an effort to go all out for the show’s last stretch, Team Flash is bringing back a lot of familiar faces to Central City, including both heroes and villains.

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Although the original plans were even bigger, showrunner Eric Wallace and the rest of the team had to adjust due to The Flash final season being shortened, as the potential for a Season 10 was no longer on the table.

Final Run | The Flash Season 9 Trailer | The CW

The confirmation of only 13 episodes for “The Flash final season” came after previous seasons, unaffected by COVID, had a total closer to 20+. This revelation was made after Eric Wallace had already scaled down his plans for a potential tenth season, which would have included spectacular ideas for seasons 9 and 10, including the 200th episode. Wallace discussed this in an interview with The Nerds of Color.

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Well, the fascinating thing was in approaching the stories for the final season. I had originally had a two-year plan for the series for Seasons 9 and 10. And it culminated with this incredible 200th episode, a spectacular, wonderful emotional event that was meant to happen. That was before we got the news that this is going to be our last season. That was going to be a Season 9 was, only I found myself in a position going, ‘Wow, I have a whole bunch of story for 40 episodes!’ that I’m now going to cram into 13. So it wasn’t a case of what to do. It was what not to do.

Eric Wallace

The Flash final season will mark the end of about 184 episodes, falling just 16 episodes short of the 200 mark. Although it is disappointing, it is still a major accomplishment for any show in this genre. It appears that Eric Wallace had some significant ideas for Season 10, but they were left out before even getting to the cutting room floor. We may need to wait until the end of the season to hear more about these plans, as it is essential not to spoil anything that will not occur.

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Fortunately, fans can anticipate plenty of significant plot and character development in the upcoming episodes of The Flash final season (9). Eric Wallace guarantees that there will be a lot of reminiscences as the fans are taken back to the show’s first season for a revised edition of his initial Episode 200 blueprint.

So there was a mad dash of pruning, and basically, the 200th episode that I had planned that has become the series finale. So that’s kind of the approach, and then I just worked backwards from there saying, alright, what are the absolute most important things to get out in Season 9? What things do we owe — story wise? What character things do we have to pay off? What hanging plot was left over from Season 1? Because Season 9 really is a book. And I’m looking at Season 1 and 9 as the book ends to this journey that The Flash and his team have been on for all these years. So I’m telling both now and, like, get ready for a little nostalgia but also a little bit of paying off things that have been into that as early as Season 1.

Eric Wallace

The Flash final season has already presented some amazing storylines. We discovered that Danielle Panabaker‘s new character is not just a little dissimilar from Caitlin and Frost, but someone entirely different. Additionally, Javicia Leslie appeared on the show, not as Ryan Wilder, but as the villainous Red Death. The impact of these characters on the final season is something to anticipate, as well as how they will affect Barry and his team.

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Eric Wallace has some exciting plans in store for this season of The Flash, including a highly emotional reunion between Barry and Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen. As a result, viewers should be prepared to have tissues on hand.

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