Brant Daugherty and Kim Anticipate Baby No2: Exciting Pregnancy Updates

Brant Daugherty and Kim Anticipate Baby No2

Discover Brant Daugherty and Kim Daugherty’s journey with their adorable 2-year-old son Wilder and their exciting preparations for baby No. 2. Get the inside scoop on this Pretty Little Liars alum’s family story!

Brant Daugherty and Kim Anticipate Baby No2

The Daughertys have an exciting news to share! Brant Daugherty, best known for his role in “Pretty Little Liars,” and his wife Kim Daugherty are expecting their second child. The couple, who exchanged vows in 2019 and co-starred in “A Christmas Movie Christmas,” will welcome a baby boy on New Year’s Day. Their 2-year-old son, Wilder, played a special role in delivering the joyful news to his father. Kim crafted a box with the words “bun in the oven” written on it, and Wilder proudly presented it to Brant.

Kim explained, “I told him, ‘You’re going to be a big brother, now go tell Daddy,'” and Wilder brought the box over to Brant. Initially caught off guard, Brant recalled the moment: “My toddler just came up to me with a box, and I had no idea what it was!” However, his confusion quickly transformed into celebration. “We had been trying,” Brant Daugherty added, “so the surprise didn’t blow my mind, but it was exciting.” Congratulations to the growing Daugherty family!

This joyful reveal was also a heartwarming callback to how Kim shared the news of her first pregnancy with Wilder. She had placed a positive pregnancy test in a box for Brant to open, with the message “Happy early birthday” written on it.

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As they anticipate the transition from having one child to two, Brant Daugherty and Kim are feeling positive about the journey ahead. “We think we’ll be okay,” Brant remarked. “There’s two of us and there’s two kids, so the math is working in our favor so far.”

However, like many parents, they do have moments of relatable doubt. Kim shared, “Wilder’s 2, so he shows his age sometimes, and I definitely look at Brant and say, ‘How are we possibly going to do this?'” But she’s confident that they will navigate this new chapter together, especially since Wilder has been an easygoing and well-behaved child.

The anticipation of seeing Wilder interact with his new sibling has Brant and Kim eagerly awaiting the arrival of their second child. Brant Daugherty mentioned, “I don’t think he really understands it yet, but he’s really excited about getting to be a big brother.” In fact, Wilder himself expressed his enthusiasm for playing with his baby brother.

For Wilder’s birth in March 2021, Brant Daugherty surprised Kim with two-carat diamond earrings as a push present. However, for this second pregnancy, Brant didn’t wait to celebrate, saying, “We already settled this.”

Brant Daugherty and Kim Anticipate Baby No2
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During their family vacation to Europe this summer, which happened to be their last big trip as a family of three, Brant gifted Kim a Fendi bag while they were in Florence. Kim, who is “feeling good” after experiencing some nausea during her first trimester, recalled the thoughtful gesture, and Brant added, “We were in Florence, and I was like, ‘Babe, what do you want in this city? We’ll find it.'” It was a special moment during their trip.

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While Kim has received her thoughtful gift, the couple is taking their time when it comes to deciding on a name for their second son. Brant Daugherty humorously mentioned, “We discuss it in short bursts and then ignore it for some time. We both come to the table every once in a while with some ideas, and we shoot each other down and we retreat to our corners wounded to figure out some new options. Nothing’s the winner yet, but the winner may be in the list.”

One thing both Brant and Kim can agree on is how parenthood has deepened their connection. Brant couldn’t help but express his admiration, saying, “Kim has always been very patient and kind, but she has an endless source of it now.”

Kim, in turn, praised Brant Daugherty for being “just the most hands-on and fun dad,” sharing that “he loves to play and spend as much time with him as possible. He just made a whole camp with Wilder.”

With a new addition on the way, they’re gearing up to make room for another member of their family, another camper in their midst.

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