Percy Jackson Series Of Books In Order: Complete Guide

Percy Jackson Series Of Books In Order

Set off on an epic quest that will take you to Percy’s enchanted world! Whether you’re new to the Percy Jackson Series of books or attempting a thorough reread, or even if you’ve just come from watching the movies or seeing the trailer for the new Disney Plus adaptation, with this guide by your side, you’ll explore the entire series of books in the correct order, which will undoubtedly help you understand the motion pictures and the upcoming web series in a better manner.

I’m also going to add the thrilling spin-off series “The Heroes of Olympus” and “The Trials of Apollo.” Get ready to be amazed by the astonishing blend of ancient Greek tales with modern-day thrills that will have you on the edge of your seat.

An Introduction To Percy Jackson Series Of Books

Rick Riordan‘s Percy Jackson series of books is a collection of Middle-Grade fantasy novels centered on the lives of the demigod Percy Jackson and his pals. It takes place in a world where Greek gods are real and coexist with mortals.

The series combines Greek mythology with modern life to produce an intriguing and engrossing experience. The collection contains five volumes from Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ core series, as well as two extra spin-off series, The Heroes of Olympus and The Trials of Apollo.

How It All Started For Me??

It was 2014, yeah… 2014, when I discovered its first film based on the first novel (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief) of the Percy Jackson Series Of Books. My senior, a fellow myth and legend enthusiast, had recommended the movie to me, speculating that I could appreciate it given my interest in Russian folklore and other myths and legends.

Intrigued, I did decide to give it a whirl. I had no idea that this film would be the flame that sparked my interest in the universe of ancient Greek mythology.

As I watched it, I was transported to a universe full of gods, monsters, and heroes. The special effects were spectacular, and the characters were endearing, particularly the protagonist, Percy Jackson, a demigod who embarks on a voyage to preserve the world of Olympus.

This movie captivated me so much that I immediately watched its sequel, “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters,” which had come out the previous year, 2013. And thus began my journey into the fascinating world of Greek mythology, an adventure that has taken me on many experiences and exposed me to some of the greatest tales and myths of all time.

How Can You Start??

I don’t want to confuse you in any way, not even a little. So, first and foremost, I’m going to include the chronological publication order of Rick’s works. Reading books chronologically is always a strong and traditional approach to digging out its core, so do not worry, you are welcome to do so.

Reading novels in a series release sequence is similar to embarking on an exciting adventure with familiar characters and storyline twists that keep you intrigued until the very end. It’s like gently unraveling a riddle, fitting the jigsaw together one step at a time.

It’s also a great approach to evaluate the characters’ growth and development. You’ll be able to witness how they adapt and evolve through time, exactly like we do. It’s a more familiar feeling as if you’ve been on this adventure with them the entire time. I’ll also add this so that you may begin reading in this manner as well.

Reading Order Of Percy Jackson Series Of Books:

(The Publication Sequence)

Prime Tales:
1The Lightning Thief2005
2The Sea of Monsters 2006
3The Titan’s Curse2007
4The Battle of the Labyrinth2008
5The Last Olympian2009
6The Demigod Files (Collection of Short Stories)2009
7The Red Pyramid 2010
8The Lost Hero2010
9The Throne of Fire 2011
10The Son of Neptune2011
11The Serpent’s Shadow2012
12The Demigod Diaries (Collection of Short Stories)2012
13The Mark of Athena 2012
14The Son of Sobek (Short Story)2013
15The Singer of Apollo (Short Story)2013
16The House of Hades2013
17The Staff of Serapis 2014
18The Blood of Olympus 2014
19The Crown of Ptolemy (Short Story)2015
20The Sword of Summer 2015
21The Hidden Oracle2016
22The Hammer of Thor2016
23The Dark Prophecy2017
24The Ship of the Dead 2017
25The Burning Maze2018
269 From the Nine Worlds (Collection of Short Stories)2018
27The Tyrant’s Tomb2019
28The Tower of Nero 2020
29The Sun and the Star TBA: May 2, 2023
30The Chalice of the GodsTBA: Sep 26, 2023
Publication Reading Order Of Percy Jackson Series Of Books
Accompanying Tales:
1Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods2014
2Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes2015
3Hotel Valhalla: Guide to the Norse Worlds2016
4The Trials of Apollo: Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio’s Journal2020
Accompanying Tales Of Percy Jackson Series Of Books

(The Series Sequence)

Order Of Percy Jackson & The Olympians:
1The Lightning Thief2005
2The Sea of Monsters2006
3The Titan’s Curse2007
4The Battle of the Labyrinth2008
5The Last Olympian2009
6The Demigod Files (Collection of Short Stories)2009
7The Singer of Apollo (Short Story)2013
Percy Jackson & The Olympians
Order Of The Heroes of Olympus:
1The Lost Hero2010
2The Son of Neptune2011
3The Mark of Athena2012
4The House of Hades2013
5The Blood of Olympus2014
6The Demigod Diaries (Collection of Short Stories)2012
7The Chalice of the GodsTBA: Sep 26/ 2023
The Heroes of Olympus (Percy Jackson Series Of Books)
Order Of The Kane Chronicles:
1The Red Pyramid2010
2The Throne of Fire2011
3The Serpent’s Shadow2012
The Kane Chronicles
Order Of Demigods and Magicians:
1The Son of Sobek (Short Story)2013
2The Staff of Serapis (Short Story)2014
3The Crown of Ptolemy (Short Story)2015
Demigods and Magicians
Order Of Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard:
1The Sword of Summer2015
2The Hammer of Thor2016
3The Ship of the Dead2017
49 From the Nine Worlds (Collection Of Short Stories)2018
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
Order Of The Trials of Apollo:
1The Hidden Oracle2016
2The Dark Prophecy2017
3The Burning Maze2018
4The Tyrant’s Tomb2019
5The Tower of Nero2020
The Trials of Apollo
Order Of Nico di Angelo and Will Solace (The Sun and the Star) :
1The Sun and the Star (Co-Writer – Mark Oshiro)TBA: May 2 / 2023
Nico di Angelo and Will Solace (The Sun and the Star)

Know The Prolific Auther:

Rick Riordan, a well-known novelist, and former educator began his literary career with the release of his Tres Navarre mystery series, which he created while working as a full-time English and history teacher in both San Francisco and Texas.

Even as a youngster, he enjoyed creating bedtime stories for his eldest child, which eventually gave rise to his first middle-grade novel, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, the first one from the Percy Jackson Series of Books. Rick’s vivid worlds and endearing characters have enthralled millions across the world, with over 190 million books sold in 42 languages.

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