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YOU Season 4: “The First Part Was a Wild Ride,” Say Fans.

YOU Season 4

With its incredible debut episode, You Season 4 has captured the hearts and minds of viewers. The psychological thriller is something you should definitely never miss.

What’s New in ‘YOU Season 4’

On February 9, the first part of the highly anticipated series was released, sending waves of excitement through the community as they eagerly awaited to learn the mysteries of Joe Goldberg/Professor Moore’s life in London.

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YOU: Season 4 Part 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Viewers were in a state of bewilderment and exhilaration as the credits rolled. They had just seen Zoe in an entirely different light. Zoe has matured into a knowledgeable and graceful professor.

Some viewers were taken aback by the shift. They couldn’t help but appreciate his newfound refinement and grace. Some fans were initially skeptical of the adjustment, but as the series went on, Zoe’s tale won them over.

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When a viewer remarked about Zoe’s fleeing away from worries, the showrunners responded as follows:

Penn Badgley Lightened Up The New Direction Of ‘You Season 4’

As “You season 4” shifts to a different city, it appears to have moved into a new genre, stunned by the striking differences between the current episodes and the previous seasons. Penn Badgley has chimed in on a discussion, calling the alterations a “different genre altogether”.

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Penn talked to TV Confidential on the new direction following the broadcast of the first five episodes of season four, saying: “Part 1 was a nice reprieve. You always need to sort of go away to come back again, I suppose. And it was more true than ever this season.”

The insider claimed that changing the tone of the psychological thriller was a difficult undertaking. “To spend five episodes in a completely different genre is a leap and a challenge,” Penn stated.


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