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QUEEN CHARLOTTE’s True Story: Everything You Need To Know


The major characters of Queen Charlotte are based on two real-life historical monarchs: King George III and his wife, Queen Charlotte.

The new series also ties the plot with the “Bridgerton” regency chronology, in which familiar face Golda Rosheuvel appears as the queen, in flashback portions. The latest Netflix spinoff, like Lady Violet in “Bridgerton,” includes a matriarch, the Queen, who has a prodigious number of 15 children. Unlike Lady Violet, who is concerned with finding good spouses for her children, Queen Charlotte is motivated by a desire for at least one of her children to grow up to bear an heir.


The six-part NETFLIX series is recounted mostly through the eyes of King George III and his only wife, Queen Charlotte. In the program, the pair marries within hours of meeting one another, and their relationship is initially love-hate: George seems to have little interest in spending any time with his wife, which led Charlotte to be devastated and outraged.

Their connection is evident when they do see each other. During Queen Charlotte and George III’s marriage, the pair had 15 children.

During his reign, King George experienced several bouts of severe mental illness. After getting belligerent, he was confined with a straitjacket on one occasion in 1778.

On another occasion, he started frothing at the mouth and rambling for hours on end. Rumors circulated that he attempted to shake hands with a tree after mistaking it for the King of Prussia, garnering him the moniker “The Mad King.”

While George had always recovered from these spells, his final mental health episode, which was said to be triggered by the death of his favorite daughter Princess Amelia, lasted a full decade until his death.

During his last years in isolation at Windsor Castle, the king also suffered from rheumatism and lost his sight and hearing. He died of pneumonia at the age of 81 in 1820, and was succeeded by sons George IV and William IV.

After his father died, the queen’s oldest son, George IV, became King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and King of Hanover.

Prior to his accession to the throne as monarch in what year, George IV served as Prince Regent, filling in for his father while he struggled with mental illness, which we might say is still undiagnosed.

13 of Queen Charlotte and George III’s 15 children lived to maturity. Two of their boys died while they were young.

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