Netflix Releases Devil May Cry Anime Teaser in Drop01 Cinematic Trailer

Netflix Releases Devil May Cry Anime Teaser

Catch the Devil May Cry Anime Teaser in Netflix’s Drop01 Cinematic Trailer – A must-watch for animation fans.

Netflix Releases Devil May Cry Anime Teaser

Dante is making a comeback, but this time in animated form. Netflix has revealed at its Drop 01 animation event that it’s collaborating with Capcom to create a new animated series inspired by the action-packed Devil May Cry series.

Adi Shankar, known for his work on Netflix’s adaptation of Castlevania, will take on the role of showrunner, while Studio Mir will be responsible for the animation. While there’s no specific premiere date provided, Netflix has labeled the show as “coming soon.” You can catch a glimpse of what’s in store in the brief teaser below.

While there isn’t much additional information available about the series, Adi Shankar mentioned in a statement, “I’m honored that Netflix and Capcom have entrusted me to shepherd the Devil May Cry franchise. [Writer] Alex Larsen and I love these characters, we are part of the fandom, and vow to surpass the exceptionally high bar we set for ourselves.”

This collaboration isn’t the first between Netflix and Capcom; the streaming platform has been involved in several Resident Evil projects, and there’s also a Mega Man film in development. Netflix has shown a strong interest in adapting video games, with ongoing projects including Horizon Zero Dawn, Gears of War, Assassin’s Creed, and BioShock.

Netflix Releases Devil May Cry Anime Teaser
Image Credit – Netflix

As for the Devil May Cry series, its fifth installment, released in 2019, represented director Hideaki Itsuno’s effort to rejuvenate pure action games. “I wanted to prove that the genre could thrive if you focus solely on that,” he stated in a 2019 interview with The Verge while discussing the game’s stylish action.

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