Disney Surprised Fans Of Toy Story, Frozen & Zootopia With The Sequels

Toy Story, Frozen & Zootopia With The Sequels

Disney surprised fans with three huge announcements: Toy Story 5, Frozen III, and Zootopia 2. Which one have you been looking forward to the most?

Disney Surprised with 3 Big Announcements

In an unexpected move, Disney Surprised Fans and announced intentions to make sequels to famous films such as Frozen and Toy Story. During the company’s first-quarter earnings call, CEO Bob Iger surprised many when he revealed that sequels to Frozen III, Zootopia 2, and Toy Story 5 were in the works. Because these announcements were unexpected, there is presently no more information available on these sequels.

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Disney Surprised Fans with Zootopia 2 and the forthcoming Toy Story pentalogy which sparked a frenzy among fans, prompting both excitement and frustration. People are thrilled at the notion of returning to the lively world of Zootopia but are disappointed at the prospect of stretching the Toy Story brand too thin. Despite all of this, Frozen appears to be flying under the radar, provoking a casual shrug from the public.

Reactions Of The Public:

This is how the memes circulated on social media following the news of ‘Zootopia’

Many viewers were enthralled by “Zootopia,” to the point that they were left in awe after seeing the first installment. They were looking forward to the sequel because the first film had made an effect on them. It’s no surprise that “Zootopia” is regarded as one of the finest animated kids’ movies in recent memory by these viewers, thanks to its visually stunning gags.

The viewer’s reaction to ‘Frozen’ & ‘Toy Story’

While some may dismiss “Frozen’s” icy attraction, others have found it to be so…so… Not to mention the fifth “Toy Story” film, which Disney surprised us recently with, sends shivers down their spines and causes their skulls to throb with anxiety.

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