Sonia Pizarro Of Operation Repo Dies At The Age Of 60

Sonia Pizarro Operation Repo

Sonia Pizarro of Operation Repo dies peacefully in her sleep on Wednesday at the age of 60.

Although Sonia suffered a stroke and was hospitalized in 2018, her niece and co-star Lyndah Pizarro stated that her death was not caused by the stroke’s complications.

Sonia Pizarro Of Operation Repo Dies

Ex-husband of Sonia Pizarro of Operation Repo, Froylan Tercero, offered a heartfelt tribute to her in the aftermath of her death.

Tercero, another Operation Repoactor Froylan Tercero, remembers her as “a bad ass chick that kicked some serious ass.”

Froylan continued, “She will always have a place in my heart and on my body since I still have her name tattooed on my stomach, Sonia we love you and I will honor you with all the good mementos you gave me, thank you and I love you.”

While she is best known for her work on the TruTV show, Sonia has also appeared in films, including 2009’s “Repo Chick” and, most recently, 2018’s “Followed.”

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Sonia has had serious health concerns in the past. she was hospitalized in May 2018 after having a stroke. She is survived by her three children, Ruby, Robert, and Froylan Jr., as well as her grandkids, Bryant, Brie, and Danica.

Sonia’s death comes almost five years after Carlos Lopez, another Repo star, was discovered dead on the balcony of his Los Angeles condominium. His roommate discovered the reality star and character actor’s body and contacted 9-1-1.

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