The Yellowstone Star Lainey Wilson Is Unsure About The Show’s Future

Lainey Wilson

Yellowstone star Lainey Wilson seems to be anticipating the same thing as the fans who are anxiously awaiting news about the hit TV series.

Lainey Wilson, the country music singer, has said that she is unsure of what will happen to her Yellowstone character or when the program would resume production. This information comes after multiple rumors that the program will cease after season 5, which is still in the production stages.

The Yellowstone Star Lainey Wilson Talks About The Show

One of the cast members who has spoken out about the program’s uncertain future is Lainey Wilson, who joined the show last year and plays Abby. In a recent interview, she said that she is still unsure of when production would begin.

Only four episodes of Yellowstone’s fifth season’s first half featured Abby, but the singer is hoping the character will appear in the remaining episodes.

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“I’m planning on getting an update today. It’s wild. Like, just tell me when man. Yeah, I have no clue what’s going on … I’m waiting on that phone call.”

Lainey Wilson says taking ‘Yellowstone’ role was scary | Associated Press

She spoke to the publication about her time working on Yellowstone, saying, “It’s crazy, you know? They’ve honestly just welcomed me with open arms. They have just treated me like one of their own. I didn’t really know what to expect, especially the first day on set, but they treated me with respect.” 

The TV business is much crazy than the music business, I feel like I’ve learnt, she said. And that is the reality.

Wilson thinks that acting has enhanced her whole talent, even if she maintains that music is still her first concern. She said, “I started out doing music, and that’s always going to be my focus. That’s my way of expressing myself. And they have a different way of expressing themselves and being creative. But [there] was this mutual respect for each other.”

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