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Cole Hauser Hampered His Career Amid A Horse-Riding Injury

Cole Hauser Horse-Riding Injury

Cole Hauser, star of YELLOWSTONE, has disclosed that he had a significant back injury before landing his most memorable role as head wrangler Rip Wheeler.

Cole Hauser has portrayed Rip Wheeler, the manager of the Dutton Ranch, in Yellowstone for the last four years. He was previously famous for his supporting parts in major Hollywood blockbusters. But, the television actor recently revealed that a mistake on the set of his final feature picture before joining the Paramount Network series risked his part.

Cole Hauser Hampered His Career

In a recent interview, Cole Hauser reminisced about the time he suffered a severe back injury while filming the wrestling drama, The Last Champion. Despite his injury, he pushed through and completed the film, but the incident ultimately had a significant impact on his career.

When ex-Olympian John Wright returned to his hometown, his past scandals resurfaced, causing trouble for the current Yellowstone star.

Despite being released in 2020, Cole didn’t join Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and Wes Bentley in Taylor Sheridan’s modern cowboy drama until after it was shot.

Current rumors have Kevin opting not to return for Yellowstone Season 5. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray that he comes home soon. Here is the whole article for your perusal.

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The current Yellowstone star’s role in the series was jeopardized when he broke his back after a fall during one of the demanding, lengthy horseback rides his part required.

But It Eventually Became His Aid Too!!

As fate would have it, riding horses again became the ideal rehabilitation for the current Yellowstone star, whose broken back threatened to derail his physically demanding role in the hit show.

He exclaimed, “F**k it, one has to get back on the horse and do it.”

Cole‘s determination helped him overcome his injury, and riding horses helped him recover faster and regain full strength.

According to Men’s Journal, he mentioned that his back injury made it difficult for him to move around and resulted in a loss of strength in his abdominal muscles.

He found that horseback riding helped to strengthen his core and back muscles.

In practically every episode of Yellowstone, his on-screen character is shown on a horse, but Cole had to build his riding skills from the ground up when he took on the role. Hours of training with a horse and rope confirmed the demanding exercise was all he needed to get into shape for the part.

Despite several years of practice, severe aches and pains plague him the following morning after the long ride he takes before each season of Yellowstone starts filming.

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