The Aquaman CinemaCon Trailer Features Amber Heard, Despite Reports That She Will Be Cut Out

Amber Heard in Aquaman CinemaCon Trailer

Amber Heard’s role apparently appears in the teaser for the forthcoming undersea spectacular, despite rumors that she will be removed from the film after her trial with Johnny Depp.

Warner Bros. premiered the first trailer for DC’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom during an exclusive presentation at CinemaCon. Heard’s character makes a brief appearance in the film, which features Jason Momoa reprising his role as the oceanic superhero. After a six-week public court fight with ex-husband Johnny Depp, 59, who accused her of defaming him, the actress’ future on the picture was said to be in doubt last year.

Is Amber Heard In The Aquaman 2??

Insider says there are two quick views of Mera waging fight underwater, corroborating reports from other publications that Amber does appear briefly in the trailer video.

Director James Wan calls his 2018 follow-up to Aquaman a “action-adventure story with a really fun bromance between Arthur (Jason Momoa) and Orm” (who is played by Patrick Wilson). “Orm was a villain the first time around, but this time Arthur needs him.” Black Manta (Yayah Abdul-Mateen), an old enemy of Aquaman’s, plays a major role in this film.


Despite rumors to the contrary, Amber can be seen in a teaser for the sequel. Rep for Amber told Insider that rumors Warner Bros. decided to recast her after a screen test for the sequel were “inaccurate, insensitive, and slightly insane” and that the rumor mill had been doing this “from day one.”

Amber Heard said in her defamation trial that her charges against Johnny Depp, 59, led to a significant reduction in her job. She remarked, “They released me from my contract,” as reported by Insider. “I fought to stay in it, and they kept me in it. I just don’t know how much I’m in, actually, of the final cut. As I said, I don’t know if I will even be in the final cut or how much I will be. It was difficult to stay in the movie. I was given a script and then given new versions of the script that had taken away scenes that had action in it that depicted my character and another character — without giving any spoilers away — two characters fighting with one another. They basically took a bunch out of my role. They just removed a bunch out.”

Comic book readers and Depp loyalists had different opinions on Amber’s casting in the picture. Depp’s supporters during his custody fight with ex-wife Amber Heard started a petition to get Heard fired from the Aquaman sequel.

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The Trial Of Amber Heard And Johnny Depp

Depp, star of Pirates of the Caribbean, sued his ex-wife for her 2018 opinion share in which she described experiencing domestic violence.

Although she did not directly accuse Johnny Depp of any wrongdoing during their marriage, the actor claimed the allegations hurt his career.

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