Henry Cavill: Neither Super Man Nor Geralt of Rivia

Henry Cavill: Neither Super Man Nor Geralt of Rivia

With a heavy heart, we bid farewell to the iconic roles of Superman and Geralt of Rivia, as they depart from the talented grasp of Henry Cavill. Though the future holds uncertainty for the next actors to don the cape and sword, one thing is for certain – Cavill’s performances as these beloved characters will forever be ingrained in the hearts of fans.

Updates About The Role Swaps

After DC Studio rejected Henry Cavill, Netflix announced that the part of Geralt of Rivia would be replaced and performed by Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. Cavill played Geralt for three seasons before announcing his departure from the Netflix series in October.

The man behind the red cape and blue tights, Henry Cavill, has confirmed his return to the role of Superman in Warner Bros’ DC Universe. Fans have been waiting for his return with bated breath, and it’s no secret that his hiatus from The Witcher series was to allow for a hard training program to bring the hero back to life on the big screen. The world is eagerly awaiting Cavill’s return as the Man of Steel.

Henry Cavill’s Social Updates

Cavill stated on Oct. 24 that he will return to portray Clark Kent, even providing a teaser image on Instagram, and said, “the image you see in this post and what you saw in Black Adam is only a very little taste of things to come.” However, it appears that intentions have shifted since then.

However, only a few weeks after announcing his comeback, it was discovered that Cavill had been let go from the role. James Gunn, who joined DC Studios as co-chairman with Peter Safran, stated that he was creating a new Superman film centering on a younger version of the hero that would not involve Cavill.


“I just had a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran, and it’s awful news for everyone,” he said on Instagram on December 14. “After all, I won’t be returning as Superman.”

According to Netflix, Season 4 of The Witcher will continue with Hemsworth as Geralt. The third and final season of Henry, will premiere in the middle of this year.

“Henry is an incredible Geralt, and I believe Liam will continue to be an extraordinary Geralt,” Netflix’s head of US and Canada scripted series, Peter Friedlander, said earlier this month in an interview. “There has been a heritage of incredible, legendary roles where the performers have changed, and we are quite hopeful about this.”

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Liam’s Social Update

Hemsworth stated that he is “over the moon” to take on the job.

According to reports, Gunn’s upcoming Superman picture will feature a younger version of the hero acting as journalist Clark Kent. Gunn, the director and writer who joined DC Studios as co-chair and co-CEO in November, said he had “a wonderful meeting with Henry, and we’re big fans, and we spoke about a number of intriguing opportunities to work together in the future.”

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