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Quinta Brunson Makes Plea For Teachers To Pay Them The Money They Deserve In The SNL Monologue

Quinta Brunson Makes Plea For Teachers

As the show’s host, Quinta Brunson delivered a monologue during which she poked fun at Friends and pleaded for support for teachers.

Quinta Brunson spoke about her long road from SNL fan to its host. The actress and creator of Abbott Elementary revealed she has wanted to host the NBC comedy program ever since she was a little girl.

Quinta Brunson Makes Plea For Teachers

The mind behind Abbott Elementary remarked, “I wanted to be on SNL back in the day, but the audition process seemed a little long.” “So, instead, I just created my own TV show, made sure it became really popular, won a bunch of Emmys, and then got asked to host. It’s so much easier.”

She then playfully compared her program to Friends, claiming that it is more like a network program than a streaming one.

She said, “It’s a network sitcom, like say, Friends.” “Except instead of being about a group of friends, it’s about a group of teachers, and instead of New York, it’s in Philadelphia, and instead of not having Black people, it does.”

Brunson said she was inspired to create a play on educators since her mother was a schoolteacher in Philadelphia. She also expressed her desire for people to stop expecting her to behave exactly like her TV character, Janine.

The speaker joked that Janine Teague is a caring second-grade teacher who is good and wholesome, while they are the opposite. She clarified that she is not a “filthy w****” but enjoys having fun. She then expressed a desire to live her life without worrying about being recorded or having people comment on her actions, such as “Damn, Miss Teague is out here getting wasted at Universal Studios.”

She then moved to a more somber tone, asking that teachers be recognized for the invaluable contributions they provide to society.

Check out Brunson’s full statement here.

Quinta Brunson Monologue – SNL

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Brunson urged others to acknowledge the daily work done by these individuals(teachers) and emphasized the importance of paying them the compensation they rightfully deserve.

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