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Woody Harrelson On Anti-Vax Conspiracy In SNL

Woody Harrelson On Anti-Vax Conspiracy

Woody Harrelson on Anti-Vax conspiracy: In his “SNL” monologue, he talks at length and won’t stop talking about weed and the anti-vaccine conspiracy. The host of “Saturday Night Live” began his fifth stint as host of the show with a perplexing opening monologue this past weekend. Read More…

Woody Harrelson On Anti-Vax Conspiracy

During his monologue on “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend, Woody Harrelson presented what may be the most peculiar monologue of the season by discussing smoking a joint and seemingly expressing an anti-vaccine conspiracy theory.

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Woody Harrelson Monologue – SNL

On the episode aired last night (February 25), the 61-year-old True Detective actor recounted a lengthy and meandering tale about the most insane screenplay he has ever come across. He digressed several times during the narrative, discussing topics such as smoking cannabis, his affinity for alcohol, and the type of tree he was seated next to when he read the script, taking approximately six minutes to arrive at the punchline.

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Here Is What His Blabbers Are All About

In the end, he reached a conclusion about the movie’s plot, which was as follows: “So the movie goes like this. The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians and force all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes. And people can only come out if they take the cartel’s drugs and keep taking them over and over.”

(Woody Harrelson On Anti-Vax Conspiracy)

The actor addressed a crowd that was uncomfortably silent and stated, “I threw the script away. I mean, who was going to believe that crazy idea? Being forced to do drugs? I do that voluntarily all day.” Many criticized his monologue.

(Woody Harrelson On Anti-Vax Conspiracy)

Harrelson has caused controversy in the past with his opinions on the Covid pandemic, and during an interview with Vanity Fair, he expressed his disbelief in the effectiveness of wearing masks by saying, “as one who doesn’t believe in the germ theory, I find it rather absurd.” He also shared an Instagram post which has since been deleted, that linked 5G and Covid, and referred to it as “very interesting.”

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