Dragon Bursts Into Flames During Disneyland Show, California

Disneyland Dragon Accidents

On Saturday night, an enormous animatronic dragon in a Disneyland show in California caught fire, necessitating the evacuation of several employees.

The fire broke out on Tom Sawyer Island during the ”Fantasmic!” performance at the amusement park. Videos of the event have been widely shared on social media, showing the 45-foot-tall Maleficent Dragon’s head engulfed in flames. The entertainment had to be cut short as visitors and Disneyland employees were hurried out from the area. An announcement could be heard in the background as the fire’s flames rose high into the air.

Disneyland Show’s Dragon Bursts Into Flames

”Due to unforeseen circumstances, this performance of “Fantasmic!” cannot continue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,” an announcement told those watching.

No injuries were recorded, and the fire was extinguished quickly, as reported by ABC 7. It took some time to assess the damage caused by the blaze.

After the closing performance of Fantasmic on Saturday night, a fire broke out, according to personnel from the Disneyland theme park. The whole ensemble was successfully rescued from Tom Sawyer Island. Smoke and wind forced the closure of attractions around the island, but everyone got out safely. The source of the fire is still unknown at this moment.

The live 27-minute spectacle Fantasmic! has been performing at Frontierland since 1992. Live performers, pyrotechnics, lasers, music, and more are all a part of the spectacle that culminates in explosions and a colorful water display.

Tom Sawyer Island has been a feature of Disneyland since 1956, giving visitors a chance to experience life as one of Mark Twain‘s most beloved characters.

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