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Atomic Heart Video Game: A Head Buzzer!!

Atomic Heart Video Game

Atomic Heart Video Game fails to fully explore its intriguing narrative ideas and chooses to play it safe with its FPS gameplay. Read More…

Atomic Heart Video Game Review

Mundfish, established in 2017, has made an impressive debut with its first game, Atomic Heart. This single-player first-person shooter portrays an alternate reality in which a secret Soviet Union program involving advanced robots and artificial intelligence fails miserably. Although the game is a remarkable shooter that incorporates exceptional and inventive gameplay features, yet…

Atomic Heart Video Game is a game that places players in the role of Major P-3, a Soviet intelligence agent. The main objective of the game is to investigate what triggered the USSR’s robots to turn on their human creators and initiate a war. Throughout the game, you will try to uncover the culprit responsible for the robots’ rebellion, and as you progress, the hidden details of the top-secret project will be revealed.

Atomic Heart – Gameplay Overview Trailer

The story of the Atomic Heart Video Game takes place in an alternate history where a scientist named Dmitry Sechenov sparked a robotics revolution in Russia during the 1930s. By the 1950s, robots had completely replaced the working class in the Soviet Union and were controlled through a hive-mind network known as Kollectiv 1.0. The game begins a few years after this, just before the unveiling of Kollectiv 2.0 to the public.

This new version will allow all humans to connect to the hive mind through a thought device wired directly to their brains, enabling them to remotely control robots and share information with each other across long distances. Essentially, it’s like having the Internet constantly available in your mind.

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It should be acknowledgeable that the strong themes of Russian nationalism in the Atomic Heart Video Game occasionally can make you feel uneasy if you hold it in heart about the ongoing issues in the international forum. While I don’t think the development team in Cyprus intends to promote a particular ideology through the game, it’s difficult not to be troubled by the Soviet Union parades or the pro-Russian content in the game given recent events in Ukraine. It’s probably just unfortunate timing, but it’s important to be aware of this possibility if it might negatively impact your enjoyment of the game.

Atomic Heart Video Game boasts impressive combat and gameplay features that could compensate for its lackluster story. The game offers survival and stealth elements, resource gathering, an open-world sandbox set in Facility 3826, a unique “polymerization” world, and a range of mechanical and mutant enemies. Additionally, players can access a vast selection of weapons and combat abilities.

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However, the game’s attempts to incorporate numerous features lead to the inclusion of an equal amount of filler content. Although the open world offers engaging features such as finding new blueprints and Training Grounds activities, their rarity eventually makes them unexciting to pursue.

Atomic Heart Video Game offers various glove abilities, guns with different elements, and a wide range of enemies, yet the combat fails to be exciting. Even with powerful SHOK abilities, shotguns, or explosives, attacks lack impact. While some enemies may be temporarily knocked back, most robots easily recover and continue to advance. Players are left with no option but to keep hitting until the enemy eventually falls.

As the game progresses, various bosses are introduced that initially appear intriguing. However, after encountering the second or third one, players will recognize that they all possess comparable abilities and provide the same style of fighting rewards. The game lacks diversity, and each boss you encounter feels identical to the previous one. Regardless of the boss’s size, location, or type, completing one means completing them all.

The game’s crafting system is notable for all the wrong reasons. It’s not because of the firearms that can be made, the resources that can be gathered, or the blueprints. Instead, it’s because of how the glove’s powers are accessible or enhanced. This is due to the crafting mechanic being linked to a strange, red refrigerator-looking robot. When first encountered, the bot physically grabs the player, makes improper and sexual comments, and repeatedly harasses them.

The crafting machine eventually stops operating without explanation, and the unusual incident feels like a dream that never happened. Tonally, Atomic Heart Video Game’s strange gameplay never hits the same level of bizarreness again. Given how unpleasant this component is, it’s odd how it made it into the final edition of the game.

In the Atomic Heart Video Game, players will explore open-world facilities that function as dungeons. However, the issue lies in the complexity of these dungeons, which can cause players to forget their objectives. The inclusion of scattered puzzles only serves to lengthen the gameplay without enhancing the overall experience. Most major doors have nonsensical puzzles, such as the need to locate two objects to exit a dungeon. This task requires players to backtrack, and once the objects are found, they only serve to power the door. The subsequent task of locating four other random objects becomes an extensive quest that leads to confusion and disorientation for players.

Almost every dungeon in Atomic Heart Video Game has the same issue of being too lengthy, which could be resolved to make the game more enjoyable with a playtime of only 10-12 hours. A player may spend a whole day playing Atomic Heart but only feel like they have made 3-4 hours of progress due to the slow pace of the game. Reducing the length of the dungeons would help the game progress faster and improve the overall experience.

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