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Wendy Williams Health Update: Plans For Returning To TV After Health Struggles

Wendy Williams Health Update

Wendy Williams Health Update: She seems to be planning her comeback to television and was recently seen by paparazzi at a PETCO store in New York City, where the veteran talk show host shared some details about her current plans for life. Read More…

Wendy Williams Health Update

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Wendy Williams is eager to return to television and resume her other endeavors after taking a break to prioritize her health. According to Wendy Williams’ publicist, Shawn Zanotti, Wendy is currently working on multiple projects and is eager to be back on her track.

Zanotti has mentioned that the former host of the Wendy Williams Show is also engaging in physical preparation, including a focus on a holistic diet and regular workouts at the gym. One of her current projects is the Wendy Experience podcast, which is her first major undertaking since the conclusion of her television show in June.

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A paparazzi shared a video on Monday of 58-year-old Williams in New York City on Wendy Williams Health Update, where she was seen doing a Petco run before embarking on a month-long trip. The video showed Williams looking healthy and fit.

After the videographer followed her into the store, she said, “I’m shopping for kitty litter. I own wax museums in both Paris and California. I will be spending a week in Paris, then three weeks in California, and then flying back immediately. And then I want to be on TV, stuff like Seth MeyersJoy Behar, Whoopi GoldbergThe View, stuff like that. I am formerly retired.”

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In 2022, after being on air for 13 years, Williams’ daytime talk show came to an end. Speculation arose regarding the reasons behind its conclusion, with rumors suggesting that it may have been due to her struggles with addiction and Graves’ Disease.

Soon after the last episode of the show in June, which was presented by guest host Sherri Shepherd, Williams uploaded a picture of herself to her podcast’s Instagram account. The accompanying caption read, “When one door closes, a Larger one opens!”

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