Russell Crowe And Girlfriend refused Entry at Australian restaurant

Actor Russell Crowe and girlfriend Britney Denied Service

According to a source, actor Russell Crowe and girlfriend Britney Theriot were denied service at an Australian restaurant because they did not adhere to the smart-casual dress code. Read More…

Actor Russell Crowe and girlfriend Britney Denied Service

They were wearing the tennis outfits they had played in earlier in the day when Russell Crowe and girlfriend Britney were denied entry to Mr. Miyagi, a Japanese-fusion establishment in Melbourne.

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“We treat everyone equally, regardless of their identity or celebrity status,” said Kristian Klein, the restaurant owner, in an interview with Page 13 of the Herald Sun. “We’ve got a dress code that we push across every level. So whoever it is, it stays the same. We’re consistent with it and I don’t feel like it’s unreasonable.” Klein further added.

Here Is What The Owner Said

The restaurant owner commented that Mr. Miyagi is not attempting to educate individuals on how to dress, but Klein added that personally, he would not attempt to visit a fancy restaurant if he were wearing casual attire such as flip-flops and shorts, as he would not be appropriately dressed. “We put so much effort in what we do. And we expect everyone to sort of respect us like we respect the guests.” He said about Russell Crowe and girlfriend Britney.

Crowe’s manager Grant Vandenberg told the Daily Mail Australia what the actors were wearing when he attempted to visit the restaurant after the couple was denied entry.

Klein stated that the individual on staff who refused entry to Crowe was unaware of the actor’s identity, which Klein deemed to be “a regrettable situation for all involved.” Yet, he has subsequently expressed the following sentiment: “Your identity, even if you happen to be Russell Crowe, is inconsequential.” However, The owner surely expressed a desire to have them back for dinner, saying, “We would be delighted to welcome him back.”

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Fortunately, Crowe and Theriot were able to move on and find another place to have lunch after their morning sports activities, according to reports. Klein has also extended an invitation to the actor and his partner, as a way of making amends after the uncomfortable incident of being denied entry.

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