Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Cozy Moment at His Postgame Party

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Cozy Moment

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Cozy Rooftop Party – Kelce rented out a rooftop restaurant to host a gathering with friends.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Cozy Moment

After his victory against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, Travis Kelce celebrated at Kansas City’s Prime Social with Taylor Swift by his side. Kelce rented out the rooftop restaurant to host a party for friends, and Swift was seen with her arm around him in a photo obtained by TMZ.

Among the attendees were Patrick Mahomes, who praised Swift as “really cool.” They left the game together in Kelce’s 1970 Chevelle 408 Stroker convertible from his personal collection.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Cozy Moment
Image Credit – TMZ

Swift cheered alongside Kelce’s mom during the game, which drew 24.3 million viewers, the week’s highest-rated telecast on any network. Kelce’s jerseys also saw increased sales, per Fanatics, the NFL’s e-commerce partner. Kelce discussed the game on his podcast, “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce.”

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“I just thought it was awesome that everybody in the suite had nothing but good things to say about her,” he said. “The friends and family … she looked amazing and everybody was talking about her in great light and on top of that the day went perfect for Chiefs fans, of course.”

This memorable game featured slow-motion chest bumps, high-fives with his mom, and the excitement of Chiefs Kingdom with Taylor’s presence. It’s a game he won’t forget. Taylor also met Kelce’s parents for the first time and enjoyed spending time with his friends and family.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Cozy Moment
According to a spokeswoman for Fanatics, the NFL’s official retailer, sales of Kelce’s jersey and related items have increased 400% as of Monday / Image Credit – Jason Hanna/Getty Images

In the NFL, celebrity relationships are not uncommon, often involving star quarterbacks who dominate every play. Russell Wilson married singer Ciara in 2016, and Tom Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champion, spent 16 years with model Gisele Bündchen before their recent divorce.

While it’s rarer for a tight end to capture national attention, Travis Kelce has managed to do just that. Known for his stylish attire, groomed appearance, and charismatic personality, he’s become one of the NFL’s most marketable stars. Prior to his connection with Taylor Swift, Kelce’s fame soared thanks to his candid podcast with his brother, Jason, who plays center for the Philadelphia Eagles. Their relationship became a hot topic leading up to last season’s Super Bowl, where the Chiefs narrowly defeated the Eagles.

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