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Pat Sajak tackles a contestant on Wheel of Fortune in a bizarre moment

Pat Sajak tackles a contestant on Wheel of Fortune

In the most recent episode of Wheel of Fortune, host Pat Sajak used an unusual way to tackle a participant.

Pat Sajak triumphed over a competitor, although not in the game. On Tuesday, “Wheel of Fortune” host Sajak placed Fred Jackson in a chokehold as a joke after he played a flawless round.

Pat Sajak tackles a contestant on Wheel of Fortune

Jackson told Sajak that he is a professional wrestler who does it “for fun.” He teaches drama, hosts a bar trivia show, and won an episode of “Wheel of Fortune” set in Hawaii. 

Fred Domination | Wheel of Fortune

After a string of victories in the puzzle tournament, he finally breaks through and wins $75,800. Sajak “body slammed” Fred in celebration of his outstanding performance, but it was more of a body… hug.

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The awkwardness of the situation was quickly pointed up by the show’s audience. Viewers’ Instagram reactions to this footage are visible in this post.

“Just because he’s a professional wrestler, you want me to body-slam him for you?” the host asked of the remaining competitors. Sajak attempted to place a headlock on Fred near the conclusion of the program.

With Vanna White, Sajak has been hosting the game show since its launch in 1981. White came on board with the program a year after Sajak did.

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