Veteran Actor Dick Van Dyke Collides Into A Gate; Suffers Minor Injuries

Veteran Actor Dick Van Dyke Collides Into A Gate

It has been reported that TV star Dick Van Dyke collides into a gate and was injured after he lost control of his Lexus in Malibu.

According to TMZ, the 97-year-old actor’s car slid in the rain on Wednesday morning and smashed into the fence. It was reported that he had concussion-like symptoms and was bleeding from the mouth and nose. His condition was stabilized by the responding paramedics, and he declined hospitalization.

Veteran Actor Dick Van Dyke Collides Into A Gate

After seven decades in Hollywood, Dick has probably endured more than his fair share of physical stunts onstage, so he probably doesn’t mind getting a few scrapes and bruises.

When asked about the incident at the time, he said to TMZ that the car had begun making noise, and at first, he believed that it was due to a flat tire. Nonetheless, Van Dyke said that later on, the car “started to smoke, then it burned to a crisp”. He was successful in escaping unharmed. The fire department had been informed as well, but no other information on the actor was provided.

The Fox singing competition “The Masked Singer” included him last month as the oldest contestant ever.

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