Katy Perry Got Booed On ‘American Idol 2023’ When She Poked Criticism Of A Contestant’s Looks

Katy Perry Got Booed On American Idol

Katy Perry was booed on “American Idol” Monday night for seeming to dampen a contestant’s sparkle.

The 38-year-old “Firework” singer told 26-year-old “Idol” prospect Nutsa to forgo her sparkly silver dress, matching boots, and pop diva dance moves for a more stripped-down show after Nutsa did a high-energy version of “Paris (Ooh La La)” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

Katy Perry Got Booed On ‘American Idol’

Because of her behavior on American Idol, Katy Perry has been subjected to a great deal of backlash recently on various social media platforms. And just lately, the audience on American Idol booed Katy Perry when she said that Nutsa Buzaladze wore unsuitable attire.

This time, it was all about the glitter. During the performance, Nutsa Buzaladze, one of the contestants, was instructed by Perry to tone down her use of glitter.

Nutsa On Stage In Beautiful Hawaii | Top 26 – American Idol 2023

Perry advised Nutsa to avoid using glitter during her performance. She started her critique by saying, “Every time Nutsa takes the stage, it’s like she bombards the stage with glitter.” Perry then gave her feedback, saying, “One thing that she would like to see from Nutsa is to not have any glitter on her the next time. She understands that it might be difficult.” Nutsa agreed to the feedback and compromised, saying that she would only use glitter eyeliner instead.

It was clear that the visitors at the Aulani, Disney Resort & Spa in Kapolei, Hawaii, did not agree with Perry, as seen by the deluge of boos that poured in. The audience’s enthusiastic response prompted the other judges, 46-year-old Luke Bryan and 73-year-old Lionel Richie, to stand.

“Yes! Katy got booed!” A shout came from Bryan.

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Katy responded to Bryan’s announcement that she had been booed by saying that it was the first time in six years that this had occurred.  

“Okay, first time in six seasons. Woohoo!” The response from Perry was swift.

She said that viewers could be interested in seeing a more subdued version of the optimist. Perry stated, she would like the script to be flipped. She is under the impression that the audience is looking to be affected on an emotional level and would want to see it accomplished, which she feels would also appeal to the American public.

“What I’m saying is that I’d like you to flip the script. I think we want to be pulled in by our hearts, too. I’d love to see that and America might too.”

Many viewers have previously accused Perry of subjecting the candidates, including Nutsa, to “psychological warfare” by leading them to feel that they were eliminated from the competition before the Top 26 were revealed. When it seemed like the participants’ adventure was coming to an end, several of them were tearful. However, Perry later announced that they would be going on to the next round.

During the audition, eccentric 25-year-old participant Sara Beth Liebe was said to have experienced mom-shaming at the hands of Perry. She subsequently made an attempt to make amends by pleading with Liebe not to abandon the competition in order to go home to her family, but she was eventually unsuccessful.

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