Following “Mom-Shaming” Scandal, Katy Perry Getting Trolled Again For Latest Eviction, Netizens Call Her “Rude, Condescending & A Teenage Fool”

Katy Perry Getting Trolled Again

Katy Perry’s mom-shaming issue resurfaces as she evicts another contender. Netizens mock her.

You can never untangle yourself from a scandal once you’ve stepped into it. Even though no famous person has stated these exact words, they could be spoken about any celebrity in the spotlight right now, Katy Perry included.

Katy Perry Getting Trolled Again For Latest Eviction

Katy is always being watched by internet users who are dissecting her every action. The stage of American Idol season 21 has seen a fresh round of turmoil, and guess what? Katy is right in the thick of everything. Several viewers find fault with her condescending behavior towards the finalists. 

Katy, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan are the judges on a singing reality program. All of the outstanding singers are putting up their best efforts to win the prize, but any slip-up might result in elimination.

The same thing occurred in the previous episode with Nutsa Buzaladze, 25, and Carina DeAngelo, 25. The Roar singer’s judgment to send one of them home was met with disapproval from the viewing public.

The plan all along was for Carina and Nutsa to sing “I Put a Spell on You” as a duet. During the practice run, they were at one other’s throats about something. The latter stopped working with Carina and left her to train alone.

“It hurts my feelings when someone doesn’t take it as seriously as I do,” she noted in the episode. “Hollywood Week is not a joke. It’s like ‘Hunger Games‘ or something. I just want to f**king sound good and it doesn’t right now. I don’t want to go home,” she added.

Katy Perry did her best to comprehend their predicament but came to no firm conclusions. She urged the candidates to forget their problems and give it their all.

Katy Perry remarked after the show, “I just think the energy was broken between both of you and so I think you couldn’t give each other the energy you both needed. That you both deserved. I think you’re both better than that performance.” 

However, the judges booted Carina DeAngelo, who was the only contestant to put forth any real effort during the dress rehearsal. According to the New York Post, this did not sit well with netizens, and the singer was subjected to vicious trolling on Instagram.

Others on the internet have commented things like “Katy is so rude and condescending to the contestants unless it’s a male cutie then she acts like a teenage fool,” and “Her remarks were rude also. Lost control, the show is now contrived and it’s an insult to the viewer! Bye bye.”

Overall, the audience and even her fans see her as a completely melodramatic and rude person, and be that as it may, she is the one to fall into the trap by herself.

On June 11, 2002, American Idol premiered its first season on Fox, crowning champion Kelly Clarkson.

As the singing show returns for season 20 (and its fifth on its second home, ABC), judges Katy PerryLionel Richie, and Luke Bryan once again lead the search for the country’s next star. And their turn continued into 2023 too.

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