The Bobby Bones Show Reveals the Most Terrible Advice They’ve Been Given

The Bobby Bones Show

The Bobby Bones Show Reveals the Worst Advice They’ve Received – Uncover the Mistakes!

The Bobby Bones Show

The members of The Bobby Bones Show recently shared some of the worst advice they had ever received. Here are some of the anecdotes they recounted:

Bobby Bones

Bobby Bones encountered ongoing difficulties in the early stages of his radio career in a tiny market. To ensure his job stability, a knowledgeable coworker advised him to take a careful approach, keep a low profile, and avoid experimenting. However, Bobby made the decision to ignore this advice and continued to take chances in his career.

The Bobby Bones Show
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Eddie’s father once urged him to indulge in anything he wanted because life is short. Eddie followed this advice, which led to debt accumulation. Later, he significantly improved his money-saving practices.

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In Lunchbox’s situation, he heard advice that said he shouldn’t worry about amassing fortune because it couldn’t make him happy. Intriguingly, Lunchbox observed that his level of happiness rose as his financial standing grew.


In her past pursuit of pregnancy, Amy explored different methods. She received advice to undergo regular colonics as it was suggested to potentially assist with conception. Additionally, she was told to discontinue the use of dryer sheets and increase her pineapple consumption during ovulation. Despite diligently trying these approaches, she did not attain the desired outcome.


Raymundo was advised to attend college close to home. Ironically, a lot of his friends who took this advice stayed in their hometowns, raised their kids, and still live there now.

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