Nicolas Cage Claims To Have Memories Of Seeing FACES In The Dark While In His Mother’s Womb

Nicolas Cage

Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage claims to have memories of seeing FACES in the dark, and that was the very first memory he ever had of being within his mother.

During the press tour for the comedy-horror movie, Cage has given some interesting interviews. One of them was when he revealed that some fans slap him in airports. During his appearance on Monday’s broadcast of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the actor made a startling disclosure.

Nicolas Cage Claims To Have Memories Of Seeing FACES In The Dark

Due to his portrayal of Dracula in Chris McKay’s “Renfield,” in which Nicholas portrays the eponymous downtrodden assistant to the fabled vampire, Nicolas Cage has lately received a lot of attention.

Stephen Colbert, the host of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” peppered Nicholas Cage with a number of questions as part of his wry segment “Colbert Questionert,” in which he quizzes guests on a mix of complicated and basic topics.

Nicolas Cage Takes The Colbert Questionert | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Cage said that his first recollection is of being in the womb when he was questioned about it. According to the 59-year-old actor, he can remember seeing “faces in the dark” when he was still within his mother.

“Let me think. Listen, I know this sounds really far out and I don’t know if it’s real or not, but sometimes I think I can go all the way back to in-utero and feeling like I could see faces in the dark or something. I know that sounds powerfully abstract, but that somehow seems like maybe it happened.”

Cage said that he believes his baby brain was assigning faces to noises originating from outside the womb when Colbert then asked whether these “faces” were in the womb with Cage.

“Now that I am no longer in utero, I would have to imagine it was perhaps vocal vibrations resonating through to me at that stage. That’s going way back. I don’t know. That comes to mind.” The celebrity said with a chuckle, “I don’t even know if I remember being in utero, but that thought has crossed my mind.”

After questioned about what happens after we pass away, Cage’s existential musings continued, stating that he believes the “electricity” inside our bodies continues to live.

“Oh, wow. Nobody really knows, I don’t know. They say that electricity is forever eternal. That the spark keeps going. I like to think whatever spark is animating our bodies, once the body passes on, that the spark continues to go. But whether or not that electricity has consciousness or not, who can really say?”

More About Nicolas Cage

Actor and film producer Nicolas Kim Coppola, better known by his stage name Nicolas Cage, is American. He has won several honors, including a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and an Academy Award.

His early parts in movies were Valley Girl (1983), Peggy Sue Got Married (1986), Raising Arizona (1987), Moonstruck (1987), Wild at Heart (1990), and It Could Happen to You (1994), among others.

He received the Best Actor Oscar in 1995 for his work in the film Leaving Las Vegas.

For his roles as Charlie and Donald Kaufman in Adaptation (2002), he got his second Academy Award nomination.

Cage is the owner of the production business Saturn Films, which he has worked on movies including The Life of David Gale (2003) and Shadow of the Vampire (2000).

In 2002, he also directed Sonny, which earned him a nomination for the Deauville Film Festival’s Grand Special Prize.

In 2007, he was listed as one of the top 100 film stars of all time by Empire magazine, and in 2008, he was listed as the 37th most powerful person in Hollywood by Premiere.

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