Sophie Turner’s Legal Action Against Joe Jonas Over Child Custody in the UK

Sophie Turner's Legal Action Against Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner is taking legal action against Joe Jonas, claiming he’s keeping their children in New York City.

Sophie Turner’s Legal Action Against Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner is suing Joe Jonas for allegedly keeping their children in New York City against their agreement. The couple confirmed their separation recently. They had been in England, where they own a home, but Turner, 27, is from England, and their children hold dual citizenship.

In May, Turner began filming for ITVX, her first major role since becoming a parent. Jonas, 34, left the UK in July for a Jonas Brothers tour, accompanied by their children and a nanny. Turner returned to the US on September 14, planning to take the children back to the UK as initially agreed for September 20.

In a legal dispute, Turner alleges that the “breakdown” of their marriage happened suddenly, with a heated argument occurring on August 15, 2023. Shortly thereafter, on or about September 1, 2023, the Father initiated divorce proceedings against the Mother in Florida, which Sophie discovered through media reports around September 5, 2023. During a meeting held last week to discuss their separation, Turner reaffirmed her intention to relocate with their children to the United Kingdom, an intention Jonas allegedly opposed by withholding the children’s passports and refusing to send them to the UK.

Sophie Turner's Legal Action Against Joe Jonas
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The suit highlights that the children have deep connections to England, where their friends, family, schools, activities, and medical and dental care are all situated. Presently, the children are staying with Turner at a hotel in New York City. Before contemplating the move to the UK, the couple and their children predominantly resided in rental properties, primarily in New York City and Miami.

The legal case references the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, commonly known as the Hague Convention. Both the United States and the United Kingdom have ratified this treaty, granting the court the authority to order the return of the children if they are wrongfully removed or retained and under the age of 16.

Turner has also taken legal action in the United Kingdom, seeking that Jonas cover her legal expenses connected to the case.

Sophie Turner's Legal Action Against Joe Jonas
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Both parties shared a joint statement on Instagram on September 6, announcing their mutual decision to amicably end their marriage and requesting privacy.

Sophie Turner's Legal Action Against Joe Jonas
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In response, a representative for Jonas clarified that Turner was aware of his intention to file for divorce and emphasized a Florida court order restricting both parents from relocating with the children. The representative mentioned a cordial meeting in New York and stated that the children have been with Turner since that encounter. Furthermore, the representative refuted claims of “abduction” and argued that this legal dispute centers on custody and relocation.

Jonas reportedly supports raising the children in both the U.S. and the U.K., given their substantial time spent in the U.S. The representative asserted the children’s American citizenship, while Turner’s suit asserts citizenship in both countries. The representative expressed hope for a more constructive and private resolution to the situation, with a primary focus on the well-being of the children.

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