Kim and Kroy’s Relationship Sparks as Law Enforcement Steps In: Kroy Barricades Himself in Bedroom Amidst Argument

Kim and Kroy's Relationship Sparks as Law Enforcement Steps In

Experience dramatic tension as Kim and Kroy tempers clash, leading to a gripping standoff in the bedroom. Discover what unfolds as police intervene in this intense encounter.

Kim and Kroy’s Relationship Sparks as Law Enforcement Steps In

In a recent incident, it’s become abundantly clear that Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann have a deep-seated animosity towards each other. Kim called the police after Kroy allegedly locked her out of their main bedroom, and we’ve obtained body cam footage and the 911 call from the incident, which occurred in late August.

The footage and 911 call reveal the extent of the acrimony between Kim and Kroy. Kroy refuses to face the officers and communicates with them only through a closed door.

During the police visit, Kim criticizes Kroy, claiming he’s unemployed and asserting that she’s the one keeping the house afloat. She reiterated similar sentiments during her 911 call, even alleging that Kroy has threatened and become physically aggressive towards her in the past.

Kim and Kroy's Relationship Sparks as Law Enforcement Steps In
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The officers deserve credit for handling a situation that seemed rather immature, working diligently to maintain calm and prevent further escalation between Kim and Kroy.

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Ultimately, the officers successfully persuaded Kroy to return some of Kim’s belongings, including her comforter, phone charger, medications, and, as claimed by Kim, a $1000 beauty cream.

Kroy recently initiated divorce proceedings from Kim once more, following a previous divorce filing that was withdrawn. Kim is contesting the divorce, asserting that their relationship is still healthy and intimate. However, it appears that Kroy is determined to proceed with the divorce this time, and the process is moving ahead at full speed.


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