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Percy Jackson Series Unveils Stunning Underwater Set in Wrap Video

Percy Jackson Series

The Percy Jackson series (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) dives into excitement with the wrap of season 1 filming and a glimpse of its mesmerizing underwater realm on Disney+.

Social Update of Percy Jackson Series

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Celebrate Wrap of Season 1 with Behind-the-Scenes Peek of Lead Actor Swimming on Set.

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Writer and Executive Producer, Rick Riordan, Reveals Thrilling Underwater Scenes Captured on the Final Day of Production on its official Twitter handle.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Filming in Vancouver Has Ended After 8 Months. Despite Rick Riordan’s excitement, fans may expect a long wait before the series premieres on television.

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Riordan Highlights the Lengthy and Challenging Post-Production, but the Expertise of Industrial Light and Magic Behind the Scenes Assures Audiences.

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