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Kung Fu Series(Season 3): Know The Cast

Kung Fu Series

Explore the talented cast of the Kung Fu series Season 3 and learn more about the characters they play. 

A Little Introduction To Kung Fu Series

In the third season of the Kung Fu series, the characters face the challenge of rebuilding their lives and their community after a devastating earthquake struck Chinatown in the previous season’s final episode.

The characters must come to terms with the disaster’s loss and destruction while also working together to restore their homes and businesses.

Kung Fu Series

In the face of adversity, the season explores themes of resilience, determination, and the value of community. While working to rebuild their lives, the characters face personal demons and conflicts, adding complexity and depth to the story.

Through their trials and tribulations, the characters emerge stronger and more united than ever before, providing viewers with inspiration and hope in the Kung Fu series.

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Let’s Know The Main Cast Of Kung Fu Series

The CW’s “Kung Fu” series features an exciting and diverse cast of actors in various roles. Olivia Liang plays the character of Nicky Shen, a young woman who has returned to her hometown after several years away and must reconcile her past with her present as she begins to learn the ancient art of Kung Fu.

Kheng Hua Tan takes on the role of Mei-Li Shen, Nicky’s mother and the matriarch of the Shen family. Her character is strong, resilient, and fiercely protective of her family in the Kung Fu series.

Eddie Liu plays the character of Henry Yan, a close friend of Nicky’s who is also a Kung Fu master. He is a wise and experienced warrior who becomes a mentor and guide to Nicky as she begins her journey in the Kung Fu CW.

Shannon Dang plays Althea Shen, Nicky’s sister who is determined to follow her own path and make a name for herself, while Jon Prasida plays Ryan Shen, Nicky’s younger brother who is still trying to find his place in the world.

Gavin Stenhouse plays Evan Hartley in the Kung Fu series, Nicky’s love interest and an attorney who is initially skeptical of her Kung Fu abilities.

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Vanessa Kai plays Pei-Ling Zhang, another Kung Fu master, and friend of Nicky’s.

Tony Chung takes on the role of Dennis Soong, a young man with a complicated past who becomes an important ally for Nicky, while Yvonne Chapman plays Zilian Zhang, a skilled fighter who becomes Nicky’s rival in the Kung Fu CW.

Sebastian, a mysterious figure with ties to Nicky’s past, is played by JB Tadena. As the story progresses, he grows into a formidable foe for Nicky to contend with. Watch the show to learn more about his motivations and how he is linked to Nicky’s past, but it is clear that he is a significant threat to her.

“Kung Fu CW’s” talented cast brings a level of energy and skill to the show that immerses the audience in the story. Their talents combine to create a compelling and action-packed viewing experience that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

The actors each bring their own distinct perspectives and abilities to their roles, allowing each character to stand out and add depth to the overall story. Overall, the talented cast of “Kung Fu CW” contributes significantly to the success and entertainment of the show.

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