Keanu Reeves Gives Rare Insight Into His Love Life With Alexandra Grant

Keanu Reeves with Alexandra Grant

Keanu Reeves is speaking candidly about his relationship with Alexandra Grant.

Reeves and Grant have been in a relationship since at least 2019, as evidenced by their red-carpet appearance, but their friendship goes back even further, having worked on several projects together. Reeves recently shared a brief (and exceptionally uncommon) peek into their shared life with fans.

Keanu Reeves Gives Rare Insight Into His Love Life

In an interview with People, Keanu Reeves was questioned about his “last moment of bliss.”

The 58-year-old actor shared that a few days back, he and his partner were in bed, feeling connected and joyous as they laughed and giggled together. It was a pleasant experience for them to simply be in each other’s company.

Although the couple has generally been secretive about their romance, Grant, who is 49 years old, opened up about the public response to their relationship during an interview with Vogue in 2020. The artist revealed that numerous acquaintances reached out to him during the first week of November, which he found intriguing. However, Grant’s primary focus during this period was identifying ways to turn the situation into a positive experience. She pondered, ‘What is the opportunity for good?”

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Grant shared about her collaboration with Reeves on their 2011 book “Ode to Happiness,” which they worked on when their relationship was purely platonic. The book features his words and her art and explores the theme of overcoming depression. According to Grant, she created the book as a surprise gift for Keanu, but their friends in the room found it so delightful that they encouraged them to publish it, which led them into the world of publishing.

Grant also shared with Vogue that she considers herself a great romantic and believes that love is a fundamental part of her identity. While she does spend time in isolation as a painter, she does not believe that being alone is the solution. She values the experience of being in a relationship.

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