Jennifer Aniston And Adam Sandler Have A Priceless Reaction To Learning Cole Sprouse Is Now 30

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler on Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, two of Hollywood’s biggest names, were taken aback to learn the exact ages of co-stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

When they first appeared in Big Daddy together as child actors, Dylan and Cole Sprouse were just 6. In the 1999 comedic classic, the roles of Adam Sandler’s adoptive son Julian McGrath were played by identical twins.

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have a priceless reaction

Cole Sprouse isn’t the same boy that he used to be when Jennifer Aniston once knew him.

During an interview for the film Murder Mystery 2, Aniston, 54, and Adam Sandler, who costarred with Sprouse and his twin brother, Dylan, in 1999’s Big Daddy, were both questioned about their former ‘Friends’ costar.

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Interviewer Kit Hoover mentioned to Jennifer Aniston that her Friends co-star Cole Sprouse apparently had a huge crush on her while filming for the massively popular American television sitcom.

Jennifer Aniston SHOCKED That Cole Sprouse Is 30 (EXCLUSIVE)

Aniston, who was quite surprised by the revelation, replied: “He was so little!”

Yet she was taken aback to find that in 2022, Cole Sprouse and his 7-year-old twin brother Dylan have reached 30.

“What?” Aniston asked, raising her hands above her head in shock before adding both Sprouses: “No, no, they’re not. Wow, that’s so crazy.”

Adam Sandler shared that he had encountered Dylan Sprouse while filming Murder Mystery with Jennifer Aniston a few years ago when talking about the twins. The renowned actor reminisced about the incident, remarking on the twins’ beauty and good nature. He recounted how he recognized Dylan‘s voice in the lobby around 2 am and exclaimed, “Man, that sounds familiar.”

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