Yeonjun’s Birthday Dinner Celebration in the US with BTS’s Jungkook

Yeonjun's Birthday Dinner Celebration

Yeonjun’s Birthday Dinner Celebration in the US with BTS’s Jungkook, TXT Members, and Bang Si-Hyuk Following VMA Victory – Watch Now!

During the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards held in New Jersey, TXT achieved notable recognition. They clinched the coveted PUSH Performance of the Year award, showcasing their exceptional talent on stage. Additionally, Jungkook received recognition in the Song of the Summer category, further highlighting his musical prowess.

Yeonjun’s Birthday Dinner Celebration

This memorable evening held an extra layer of significance for Yeonjun, a member of TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), as he celebrated his 24th birthday on American soil. Not only did TXT bring home an award, but they also graced the event with a captivating performance.

Yeonjun's Birthday Dinner Celebration
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HYBE Chairman Bang Si-Hyuk treated TXT‘s members and Jungkook from BTS to dinner, celebrating Jungkook’s recent award win. Si-Hyuk shared clips on his Instagram Stories from their gathering.

In those clips, Si-Hyuk and Jungkook posed inside a restaurant, both giving victory signs and various poses. Si-Hyuk, in a black T-shirt and pants, hinted, “Spoiler alert! It’s going to be spicy.” Jungkook sported a white T-shirt and a beanie cap.

TXT celebrated their VMA win in a clip featuring Jungkook, Si-Hyuk, and all TXT members joyfully clapping, cheering, and smiling together in casual outfits.

Yeonjun celebrated his birthday in the US, with the crew joining in. He blew out candles on a cake brought by restaurant staff as everyone applauded. He thanked everyone for the gathering, with a table full of dishes. Si-Hyuk shared the clip, writing, “Happy Birthday Yeonjun-shi.”

BTS’ Jungkook, TXT, Stray Kids, and BLACKPINK made a splash at the VMAs. Jungkook, the youngest BTS member, snagged the Song of the Summer award for “Seven (feat. Latto).” TXT claimed the PUSH Performance of the Year award with “Sugar Rush Ride” from their album “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION.”

K-pop sensation Stray Kids not only won Best K-Pop for their track “S-Class” but also dazzled the audience with their performance of it, marking their VMAs debut. Similarly, TXT also graced the VMAs stage for the first time.

BLACKPINK was honored with the Group of the Year award and received accolades for Best Choreography for “Pink Venom.” Additionally, K-pop group Stray Kids unveiled their latest single “Back For More” featuring Anitta with an electrifying performance.

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