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Wynonna Judd Paid tribute To Naomi Judd By Singing A Duet With Ashley McBryde At The CMT Awards

Wynonna Judd Paid tribute To Naomi Judd

Wynonna Judd and Ashley McBryde sang Foreigner’s 1984 classic “I Want to Know What Love Is” at the 2023 CMT Music Awards on Sunday, April 2. 

As the stunning melody of vocal runs and harmonies filled the air, there was a moment during Judd’s performance that touched the deepest corners of the audience’s hearts. It was when Judd’s voice seemed to carry a message to her late mother, Naomi Judd, towards the end of the show.

Wynonna Judd Paid tribute To Naomi Judd

It was a moment that will go down in music history. The 2023 CMT Music Awards were already buzzing with excitement, but when Wynonna Judd and Ashley McBryde stepped onto the stage, the energy in the room skyrocketed. As they launched into a rendition of Foreigner’s iconic 1984 rock ballad “I Want to Know What Love Is,” the crowd was spellbound.

But it wasn’t just the stunning vocals of Judd and McBryde that captivated the audience. As Judd began to sing, it was clear that this performance was going to be something special. Dressed in a sleek black suit and with her signature red locks flowing straight down her back, Judd’s voice soared through the room, filling every inch with emotion.

And then, in a moment that left everyone breathless, Judd dedicated the performance to her mother. Naomi Judd had tragically taken her own life just a year earlier, on the eve of The Judds’ induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. As Judd sang, her voice cracked with emotion.

Wynonna Judd & Ashley McBryde Perform “I Want To Know What Love Is” | 2023 CMT Music Awards

It was a powerful reminder of the incredible impact that music can have on our lives, and of the way that artists can use their talent to honor those they love. For Judd, this performance was more than just a tribute to her mother it was a way of keeping her memory alive and reminding us all that even in our darkest moments, love can still light the way.

As the final tour of The Judds reached its pinnacle, Ashley McBryde, the special guest, graced the stage with her presence, joining the country icons in a rousing chorus of “I want to know what love is / I want you to show me.” But it was the soul-stirring climax of the performance that left everyone in awe. With McBryde lending her haunting vocals in the background, Judd paid a heartfelt tribute to her late mother, directing her gaze skyward and addressing her with poignant words.

“Mama, you need to be here tonight,” Judd chanted, her voice quivering with emotion, as the crowd rose to their feet in a show of respect for the departed Naomi Judd.

She continued, “And I miss you, and I love you, and I don’t understand,” against the backdrop of stirring music. As the moving cover drew to a close, Judd‘s voice descended to a hushed, contemplative tone, and she looked up towards the heavens, clasping hands with McBryde, in a gesture of resilience and solidarity in the face of loss. The raw power of their performance left them both breathless and overcome with emotion.

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The Enchantment Of Sorrow Lit Up the Night

It was a moment of raw vulnerability that left the audience spellbound, feeling the depths of Judd’s love and pain. And as the final chorus filled the air, it was clear that Judd’s message had touched the hearts of all those present, leaving a lasting impression on their souls.

One year after Naomi and Wynonna Judd‘s last live performance, the passionate duet. “Love Can Build a Bridge” by the mother-daughter pair lighting up the 2022 CMT Music Awards.

Judd closed the dramatic cover with a deep, stirring “Yeah,” staring up into the sky and clasping hands with McBryde, evoking togetherness and conquering loss. Judd and McBryde exhaled emotionally after the performance.

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