Why Does The Fact That Michael B. Jordan And Jonathan Majors Are Friends Bother So Many People?

Michael B. Jordan And Jonathan Majors

Cam’Ron’s remarks about Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors’ photographs have drawn criticism.

Cam’Ron, of the rap group Dipset, is once again in trouble over comments he made on social media. This time, the Purple Haze singer has his sights set on Creed III actors Jonathan Majors and Michael B. Jordan.

Cam’Ron’s remarks about Michael B. Jordan And Jonathan Majors

The 47-year-old Harlem rapper posted two photographs of the Creed III stars posing together from the photo shoot that accompanied their profile in The New York Times on Saturday (April 8).

In the first photograph, both men are seen looking directly into the camera as Majors embraces Jordan from behind. The males in the second picture are leaning against each other, eyes forward.

“The reason I didn’t go see creed,” the caption stated.

In the comments, several people pointed out his misunderstanding of the nature of Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors’s close friendship and called him out on it.

An explosion of homophobic responses, rejecting the idea of two Black male performers exhibiting any type of love, followed the publication of the humorous images last month in an article by The New York Times.

CREED III | Official Trailer | MGM

Skillz’s Replay To Cam’Ron

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Cam’Ron was infamous for rocking the color pink, which challenged gender roles and expectations in hip-hop. Skillz, a DJ, songwriter, and educator, responded to the rapper’s problematic assertion and expressed how many people felt.

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He observed that people can be their own worst enemies and that he tells his friends that he loves them because he genuinely does. Despite some people being thrown off by his affectionate behavior, Skillz intends to continue expressing his love for his friends. He noted that tomorrow is never guaranteed, and death is a certainty. As a black man, Skillz recognizes that life is already hard enough, and it is unfortunate that showing love and accepting it can be misconstrued by others.

“We are our own worst enemies smh. I tell all my homies I love em… Why? Cuz I do! Sometimes it throws em off but Ion care, Ima keep saying that ish. Tomorrow aint promised. We all getting older man & death is definitley certain. Its already hard enough out here for black men as it is bro. You cant even show love or accept it without your own trying to make it out to be something else. I [don’t] know Micheal B Jordan but I know losing Chadwick was hard on him….cuz shit it was hard on all of us.”

Skillz cited the example of Michael B. Jordan And Jonathan Majors, whom he did not know personally but who had a hard time dealing with Chadwick Boseman’s death. Skillz opined that men should be able to have healthy relationships with other men without their masculinity or sexuality being questioned.

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“We clowned that man before he died not even knowing how sick he really was. Maybe Jonathan came into Mikes life when he needed a friend…a bro. How come men cant have healthy relationships with other men without [their] masculinity or sexuality being questioned?”

He said he posted this last week: “Black men, it’s okay to smile in your pictures,” but received negative responses from some men. Skillz believes that the times we are living in are goofy and urged men to consider the impact of their actions. He warned that if men do not smile in their pictures and they die, it will be the hardest obituary picture ever.

“I put up a post last week saying ‘Black men its ok to smile in your pictures’ and got nothing but dudes saying ‘naaah Ion do that ish Skillz’ You [don’t] do what? Smile? You [don’t] see nothing wrong with that? Maaan the times we living in goofy af. Yall got it. When you die and ya family [don’t] have one picture of you smiling you got it bruh. Hardest obituary pic ever. You won.”

It’s disappointing that Cam’Ron would exploit his fame to mock Black people, particularly given the historical bias against Black males. The emcee’s flagrant hypocrisy may have been an attempt to prove his manliness, but it only served to boomerang on him.

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