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Why do you want to be an author or writer?

Why do you want to be an author?

What are your motivations for writing? Why do you want to be an author or writer? There are a number of motivations that make people write. If you understand your goal and major motives, you will be able to focus more on whatever you are attempting to do. How can you achieve success if you don’t understand why it exists? Let’s find out why you’re drawn to writing in the first place.

Why do you want to be an author?

Writing for money and fame:

When it comes to your passion and profession, it’s not like chasing money is an eyebrow-raiser to do. Money is the most crucial part of our daily life, and without it, meals would not reach our stomachs. Just thinking about going large from what you believe you can achieve is incredible.

Practically everyone fantasizes about living a luxurious, or at least comfortable, life. So even if there is a question—”Why do you want to be an author?”—and your answer is to earn a living, I don’t think anything is wrong with that!

However, if you want to earn a reasonable living from your writing, you must master it. Not all writers become wealthy overnight, and the publishing and production landscape has shifted dramatically in the twenty-first century.

The average writer’s or author’s salary in the US is around $49,773 currently.


Writing to educate people:

Here, I’m referring to the media (news reporters and journalists), influencers, legislators, intelligence, military personnel, and the entire educational system. The major purpose of this area of authors is to educate people or provide them with specific information about what has happened in the past, what is occurring now, and what may happen in the future.

Most individuals desire to write because they are passionate about education; they plainly want a large audience to understand their teaching style and approach to specific subjects.

Writing is flexible for you:

Some people enjoy having things done exactly how they want them. Simply said, you want to be the sovereign of your own realm and dislike being told what to do and what not to do.

Some people like spending time with their family and friends, and it’s possible that writing allows them to be more flexible at times, thus they eventually fell in love with this career. To this question: “Why do you want to be an author?” You say it’s flexible with my schedule! I think it’s understandable and even totally cool!

Writing is comfortable for you, and you can choose which hours to work and which hours to devote to other things.

Writing to persuade people:

Utterly, a pen has enormous leverage over a weapon. It has the capacity to influence a person’s viewpoint to some extent. It has the ability to prosper or perish.

In my opinion, this is kind of tricky and even frustrating at times. Individuals have the ability to crank things up or down, and when authors come out, the situation may get dangerous at times.

Consider what would happen if someone began writing just to brainwash particular segments of our society into thinking and acting in accordance with their philosophy. It has happened numerous times and continues to do so. 

Yet, it does have its beneficial aspects too, such as the ability to end a conflict. The author surely has the ability to inspire others and convey love, peace, and wisdom.

Writing for entertainment:

Perhaps you are a lover of something in the entertainment industry—a fan of an actor, an actress, a music band, or even a musician—and you are so inspired by them that you want to write about them, the environment in which they exist, or something else relating to that matter.

You are free to write whatever you like. These things are becoming increasingly popular as fan fiction, and there’s more to them than that.

Writing because reading inspired you:

Maybe reading is a serious habit of yours. You’ve always enjoyed reading, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, or fantasy. Reading has inspired you so much as an adult or as a kid that you want to build your own universe so that people could appreciate your novels as much as you adored them and became fans of others.

It is quite doable and great to accomplish what you enjoy and love. If your entire life revolves around books and you really want to be closer to them, why not?

Writing to escape from reality:

This section may mostly be classified as fiction and concentrates on the sci-fi and fantasy genres. These authors are really creative and think like deities. To be precise, you are the architects of the epic universe and the narrative you wish to construct yourself.

Them: “Why do you want to be an author?”

You: “I built my safe haven.”

You may have had a rough reality, and you write to soothe their hearts. As a consequence, you invented a completely new invention that allows everything to be done by their aspect. You may also intend to leave a legacy with your new innovation, which is solely your own.

Let me know how and where you find yourselves in the comments. Why do you consider you want to be a writer?


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