Travis Barker Has 3 Children Whom He Coparents With His Ex-Wife, Shanna Moakler

Travis Barker Has 3 Children

Travis Barker Has 3 Children. Not only is he one of the most well-known drummers now active in the music industry, but he also takes great pride in his role as a parent.

At first sight, Travis Barker does not evoke the concept of a “father figure” given that he has his head shaved, his skin is covered with tattoos and piercings, and he maintains a look that is always vacant. Despite this, the drummer for blink-182 is a dedicated father of three children.

Travis Barker Has 3 Children with his Ex-Wife, Shanna Moakler

Travis Barker is a father to two children with his ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, who won the title of Miss USA in 1995. According to reports, the couple first started dating in 2002, got married in 2004, then divorced for good in 2008. At that time, they had two children: a son named Landon and a daughter named Alabama.

In addition to these two kids, Travis is also the stepfather of Shanna’s daughter Atiana Cecilia De La Hoya, who she had with her ex-boyfriend Oscar De La Hoya. Although they aren’t connected by blood, Travis and Atiana have a special connection, which was highlighted in the MTV reality television series Meet the Barkers which followed the Barker family for a brief period of time.

It very much puts an end to any hope of Travis and Shanna reconciling. According to MTV News, Trav and Shanna made an effort to get back together in 2009. Despite their ups and downs, the couple has done their best to co-parent their children. Although Travis and his ex have their differences, they will always be linked by the wonderful children they have raised together.

Travis Barker’s Comeback To TV

The time has come for Travis to make his comeback to reality television when, in October of 2021, he proposed to Kourtney Kardashian.

Their combined families have become very close, and in April of 2022, the Barkers and the Kardashian-Disicks joined forces to walk the red carpet together in advance of the premiere of The Kardashians.

The wedding of Travis and Kourtney is the theme of the new Hulu special, Till Death Do Us Part. Kourtney says in the preview, “This is our personal archive footage that we are sharing with the world.” It then shows footage of her and her now-husband from their wedding day.

Kourtney and Travis’s children are also included in the first episode on April 13 due to their participation in the wedding.

Travis’s children

Atiana De La Hoya

Atiana De La Hoya was born in 1999. In the Moakler family, she is the oldest.

Her famous boxer dad is Oscar De La Hoya, and from 1997 until 2000, Shanna, Atiana’s mother and Travis’s ex-wife, was in a relationship with him. According to the New York Post, the couple broke up suddenly when Shanna spotted Oscar with another lady during the Latin Grammys.

Atiana was only five years old when her mother married Travis, and the two later divorced. Meet the Barkers even did a segment about her!

Atiana has always been a routine feature of Travis’s life, joining the Kardashian clan on vacations and helping out at holiday gatherings.

At the age of 14, Atiana started her modeling career, which she left behind when she entered high school. She plans to return to the industry in 2021 after signing with LA Models. In addition, she paints one-of-a-kind handbags for A-list customers. See more of her incredible work on @artbyatiana.

Landon Barker

Landon Asher Barker was born on October 9, 2003. This was a year before his parents, Shanna and Travis, got married. In 2021, Landon seems enthusiastic about both acting and fashion, as seen by the plethora of photos of him modeling various garments on his Instagram account.

Machine Gun Kelly‘s film Downfalls High, named after his song Tickets to My Downfall starred Landon, which his father Travis produced and played drums.

Alabama Barker

Alabama Luella Barker was born in 2005. The young and modern lady seems to have set her sights on establishing a strong internet presence. Alabama has a large and devoted following on social media, with 715k Instagram followers and 1.4 million TikTok fans (while also showing off her latest fashion).

In an Instagram video posted in March 2021, Alabama can be seen using KVD Beauty products to hide parts of Travis’ face tattoos. Alabama and Travis have a playful and clearly close relationship throughout the video.

Travis Barker’s Daughter Covers Up His Face Tattoos | Access Hollywood

Moreover, Alabama has also experimented with music, just like her brother.

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