Sister Of Tupac Slams Trump Lawyer For “Blasphemous” Parallel

Sister Of Tupac Slams Trump Lawyer

The comparison drawn by Donald Trump’s attorney between the ex-president and the iconic Tupac Shakur is strongly opposed by the late rapper’s sister, who finds the analogy to be utterly ridiculous and comical.

Alina Habba’s comparison of Donald Trump to Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. caused a sensation yesterday, as she boldly declared, “Donald Trump is Tupac, Donald Trump is Biggie Smalls… he’s even better than Tupac. I’m east coast, so I love Biggie.” This statement made during an episode of ‘The Benny Show’s podcast’, stirred controversy and made headlines.

Sister Of Tupac Slams Trump Lawyer

After claims arose that prosecuting Trump in New York would elevate his status, akin to Tupac’s sales increasing after his arrest, Habba received a sharp rebuke from Tupac’s sister, Set Shakur.

Dismissing Habba’s assertion as “blasphemous,” Set emphasized that her brother’s reputation was built on his integrity, principles, and accountability, as reflected in his words and actions. Unlike Trump, who showed no willingness to take responsibility for his legal issues, Tupac owned up to his actions during his sexual abuse trial and acknowledged his lack of foresight due to his single-minded focus on his career.

Set also made it clear that her brother’s popularity stemmed from his music and not his time behind bars.

‘My brother was measured by his integrity, his principles and personal and collective responsibility. [People] were able to measure him by his words and actions that aligned,”

Set Shakur

Back Story Of Trump’s Criminal Charges

Despite being impeached twice by the U.S. House of Representatives, former President Trump evaded conviction in the Senate. However, he will now make history as the first ex-president to face criminal charges. The Secret Service will accompany him from Trump Tower to the courthouse, where he may be subject to a mug shot.

Since his indictment, the former reality-TV personality has used his prosecution to his political advantage, soliciting millions of dollars under the guise of a “witch hunt.” Trump has gone as far as personally attacking the Manhattan district attorney, inciting his followers to protest, and baselessly claiming that the judge has a bias against him- despite his own lawyer denying these allegations.

Trump will return to his Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago, later tonight, after submitting to the demands of the criminal justice system. He plans to hold a rally, showcasing his supposed strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Even if convicted, Trump’s political aspirations may not be deterred- he could still run for and even win the presidency in 2024.

In the Manhattan courtroom, Alvin Bragg, New York’s district attorney, and his team of prosecutors are anticipated to unveil the indictment that a grand jury issued last week, unveiling the specific accusations against Trump.

At this point, Trump and his legal defense team will be privy to the allegations leveled against him for the first time.

The indictment contains several charges of falsifying business records, including one felony offense, according to two insiders who spoke to The Associated Press last week.

Following his arraignment, Trump is expected to be released by authorities without bail as the charges against him don’t warrant it.

The investigation is closely examining the six-figure payments given to porn star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal, both of whom claim to have had affairs with the married Trump prior to his political career.

Trump vehemently denies having sexual encounters with either woman and refutes any accusations of wrongdoing regarding payments.

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