Ronnie Radke Dispute Examined As Avenged Sevenfold Backs Singer

M. Shadows on Ronnie Radke

Shadows Defends Ronnie Radke Dispute: “We Do Believe in Someone Being Able to Speak Their Mind”

Spiritbox unveiled a new tour with Falling in Reverse two weeks ago. Several Spiritbox supporters were dismayed by the news since they had no interest in seeing the band go on tour with Falling In Reverse because of leader Ronnie Radke’s troubled history.

Ronnie Radke Dispute Examined As Avenged Sevenfold Backs Him

In light of the Spirit box controversy, M. Shadows, lead vocalist for the heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold, has come out in favor of Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke. In June of 2023, Falling In Reverse will begin their summer tour known as the Popular Monstour.

The Canadian heavy metal band Spiritbox was scheduled to open for the group on one of their tour dates. Sadly, last week Spiritbox announced that they had canceled all six dates of their stint at the Popular Monstour.

Avenged Sevenfold will perform Falling in Reverse at their next gigs at Madison Square Garden (NYC) and Kia Forum, and M. Shadows has justified the band’s choice (Los Angeles). He said that the band will be joining Ronnie during future performances. If you don’t like Ronnie, Shadows says to either show up later or not attend the shows, but Falling in Reverse will still be playing.

No official reason or explanation regarding Spiritibox’s decision to cancel their performance at the Popular Monstour was given. The band reportedly chose not to continue with the tour after receiving criticism for appearing with Ronnie, who has a checkered background and bad opinions.

M. Shadows on Ronnie Radke

In a recent interview with YouTuber Finn McKenty from the music podcast The Punk Rock MBA, M. Shadows stated that Ronnie Radke is permitted to express his opinion. He further added that Radke’s opinions tend to provoke and he staunchly defends himself against those who criticize him. M. Shadows also mentioned that he has examined Radke’s accusations and found no concrete evidence to support them, emphasizing that Radke has served time for the crime he did commit. Watch the video below.

AVENGED SEVENFOLD on Ronnie Radke, new album, being an “emo band” & more (M. Shadows interview)

M. Shadows has praised Ronnie as the next rockstar to watch. He praised the Falling In Reverse singer for making compelling and fan-engaging tracks.

Ronnie Radke accusations

In 2015, a 25-year-old woman made an accusation of r**e against Ronnie, but he denied the allegations and counter-sued the woman for defamation.

Similarly, in 2012, he faced charges of domestic abuse against Sally Watts, his then-girlfriend, which was later dropped.

In 2006, Ronnie was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for his involvement in a fight that led to the death of an 18-year-old boy.

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During the fatal altercation, Ronnie was found in possession of brass knuckles, and he may have admitted to committing battery with substantial bodily harm. While Ronnie initially received probation, he eventually violated the terms of his probation, resulting in his imprisonment.

Recent Controversy

After Spirit box announced their departure from the Popular Monstour tour, a fan speculated on Twitter that Ronnie Radke might criticize the band for pulling out. Yet, Ronnie himself replied and claimed that he could never speak ill of them. Instead, he complimented Spiritbox’s lead vocalist Courtney LaPlante and described her and the other members as “sweet.” He also expressed sympathy for the band, acknowledging that some of their fans had been “awful” to them.

The Twitter page Loudwire posted a tweet featuring Ronnie Radke’s comments on cancel culture, which the singer had shared on TikTok. However, after seeing the tweet, a woman retweeted it and questioned whether she should hold Ronnie accountable for allegedly throwing her against a van and strangling her eight years ago, or if it was too late to report it.

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Ronnie Radke responded by sharing a screenshot of the woman’s tweet and refuted the accusations. He stated that the woman appeared to be 8 feet tall in her profile picture, making it impossible for him to have thrown her against a van. Ronnie further accused her of lying and questioned her motives for seeking attention. However, the tweet was subsequently deleted.

On March 20, 2023, following Spiritbox’s withdrawal from the tour, Ronnie announced via Twitter that American post-hardcore band Our Last Night would be replacing them in a second Vegas show.

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