Kelly Clarkson Invites Billy Porter To Play A Duet After Hearing His Gospel Rendition Of “Stronger”

Kelly Clarkson invites Billy Porter to play a duet

Kelly Clarkson invites Billy Porter to play a duet after hearing his gospel rendition of “Stronger”. Billy Porter hit the stage of NBC’s That’s My Jam to sing a quirky gospel rendition of her song. Kelly, without a doubt, is thrilled and definitely has something to say about the performance. Read More…

Kelly Clarkson invites Billy Porter to play a duet:

During a segment on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the host Clarkson extended a personal invitation to Billy Porter, urging him to perform a duet with her rendition of the song. “I have to give a quick shoutout to Billy Porter,” she declared, before sharing a clip from Jimmy Fallon’s TV show where Porter sang the song. “That is the greatest cover that I have ever heard of any song I’ve ever performed,” she continued. “First of all you suck, Billy Porter. Because now I never want to sing it like I sing it again. I want to do the church version!” Clarkson playfully chided Porter, while also giving him a shoutout for his impressive rendition.

Porter’s rendition of Kelly’s beloved breakup song left the audience, as well as Darren Criss, Sarah Hyland, and host Jimmy Fallon, utterly impressed, not to mention Clarkson herself, seeing her enthusiasm.

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About Billy Porter’s Performance On “That’s My Jam” :

That’s My Jam” is a music and comedy variety game show hosted by Jimmy Fallon, which is inspired by popular games from “The Tonight Show.” The show is an hour long and features celebrity guests, some of whom have musical talents while others do not. During the show, the celebrities are given a song to sing in a specific genre.

In the second episode of the latest season of the NBC game show, “That’s My Jam,” Grammy winner Billy Porter made an appearance. He was given the challenge of singing a gospel rendition of Clarkson’s “Stronger,” and he did an exceptional job.

Before taking the microphone in the episode, Porter exclaimed, “That’s not fair! Gospel is my wheelhouse.” He then asked the audience, “Are y’all ready to go to church?” As if on cue, everyone in the audience put on their best Sunday hats because they knew Porter was about to deliver an exceptional performance.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

On Tuesday, March 14th at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC, Billy’s episode was aired. Following this, it was made available for streaming on Peacock. During the episode, four Broadway alums participated in a variety of challenges, including music, dance, trivia-based games, and musical performances. One of the games played was the new game called “More Than a Feeling.”

In terms of Billy Porter, his outstanding performance as Pray Tell in FX’s trailblazing series “Pose” garnered him an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe nomination, and a Critics’ Choice Award nomination.

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