Guitarist Mick Mars Is Suing Motley Crue

Mick Mars Is Suing Motley Crue

Former member of Motley Crue, Mick Mars, has just filed a lawsuit against the band.

After the conflict that arose last year from Mars’ statement that he would retire from performing owing to health difficulties, he has demanded the seven corporate entities associated with the band submit details of their commercial agreements.

Mick Mars Is Suing Motley Crue

Mick, 71, makes the accusations in a lawsuit filed against his fellow rockers in Hollywood, while they are on their final tour without him. Mick co-founded the group in 1980 with Tommy Lee, 60, and Nikki Sixx, 64; the group eventually recruited Vince Neil, 62, as lead vocalist.

The band allegedly sought to limit Mars‘s salary and fire him without warning, as stated by Mars. Attorney Ed McPherson said that Mick‘s conduct was not appropriate and that the band would not be allowed to continue in that manner.

Mick Mars is well-known as the guitarist and co-founder of the rock band Motley Crue. This has helped him make a living throughout the years, and at 71 years old, his net worth is estimated by CelebrityNetWorth to be in the region of $70 million.

Thus far, they’ve put out 30 singles and 30 albums. They debuted at #77 on the US Billboard 200 with their album Too Fast for Love. Shout at the Devil, the group’s next album, debuted at number seventeen on the US Billboard 200. Theatre of Pain, Dr. Feelgood, Generation Swine, and others followed.

Three live albums by Motley CrueLive: Entertainment or Death, Carnival of Sins Live, and The End: Live in Los Angeles—have been released. Singles by the band that have achieved widespread recognition include Live Wire, Helter Skelter, Wild Side, Saints of Los Angeles, All Bad Things Must End, The Retaliators (21 Bullets), and many more.

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The Unattractive Revolution, Take It to the Limit, Inside Out, and Battle of Angels are just a few of the albums on which Mars has appeared. In addition, he was featured in Outlaws & Outsiders, a song by Cory Marks.

The Lawsuit Claims

Mick Mars claims in his complaint that he stopped touring because of Ankylosing Spondylitis, although he has always denied ever leaving the band. He apparently told the band that he was willing to fill in for them on stage and in the studio when necessary.

According to the lawsuit, Mars was fired as a director and officer of the band’s parent company and had his shares taken away during an emergency shareholders meeting.

Sasha Frid, Motley Crue‘s legal counsel, reacted to the complaint by asserting that the band members had agreed in 2008 that no former shareholder would be entitled to any proceeds from live performances or tours. Frid stated that the band gave Mick a severance payout when he left in recognition of his years of service.

Frid said that Mars left the band because he couldn’t perform the right songs and couldn’t recall the chords during their most recent tour.
Nevertheless, Ed McPherson claims that Mars‘s in-ear monitors malfunctioned, making him “unable to hear his own instrument” on tour.

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