Elon Musk’s Twitter Rebrands with New X Logo, Ditches Iconic Blue Bird

Twitter Rebrands

Discover how Twitter rebrands identity with the unveiling of their striking X logo as Elon Musk bids farewell to the iconic blue bird.

Twitter Rebrands with New X Logo

Twitter officially has a new look, as early Monday morning saw owner Elon Musk unveil the replacement of the iconic blue bird with a striking black-and-white ‘X.’ The day before, Musk revealed the new logo to the world.

Notably, Twitter’s official account on the platform has now adopted the name ‘X,’ aligning with the recent rebranding efforts. Prior to this, Musk had initiated a company name change, transitioning from ‘Twitter Inc.‘ to X Corp.’

Early Monday morning, Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, made a bold statement as he officially changed the platform’s iconic blue bird logo to a captivating black-and-white ‘X.’ The exciting new logo was unveiled the day before, and to showcase the transformation, Musk proudly displayed it at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, California.

In a tweet, he shared an image of the ‘X’ logo projected onto the building’s exterior, captioning it with, ‘Our headquarters tonight.’ This move comes after the recent name change of the company from ‘Twitter Inc.’ to ‘X Corp.’

The blue bird has been the iconic symbol of Twitter since its inception in 2006, affectionately earning the moniker ‘the bird app’.

Throughout its history, the logo has undergone four iterations, with the initial three being referred to as ‘Larry the Bird’, inspired by the renowned basketball player Larry T Bird from the Boston Celtics. Presently, the logo is known simply as the ‘Twitter bird’.

Twitter Rebrands
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