Dwayne Johnson Mistakenly Thought He Is Stroking Taint. But Was He?

Dwayne Johnson and animals

It’s not uncommon for one’s ears to lose some of their sharpness as they approach middle age. Hence, we can pardon Dwayne Johnson, for his amusing gaffe at the zoo.

In a bizarre case of mistaken identity, the actor and producer found himself innocently caressing a reptile that he believed went by the dubious name of Taint. Despite realizing his error, he took to Instagram to share the video of the encounter, insisting that the hapless lizard should stick with its unsuitable and inappropriate moniker. This incident certainly raises eyebrows and is one of the most accidentally alarming cases of its kind in recent memory.

Dwayne Johnson Mistakenly Thought He Is Stroking Taint

When it comes to naming their pets, people can get pretty creative, resulting in some questionable choices that make “Taint” seems like a normal option. Although the Honolulu Zoo wouldn’t allow such a moniker for one of its animal inhabitants, they might be persuaded to undergo an official name change after receiving an endorsement from one of the most famous and well-known stars in the world.

Johnson‘s recent forays into the animal kingdom have been nothing short of eccentric. Whether he’s hilariously confusing his wires in a risqué manner or playfully referring to his children’s guinea pigs as having “crackhead zoomies,” his interactions with the creatures have been truly unique. Not to mention, he has even joked about eating them during his weekly cheat day.

In addition to this, it seems that Hawkman may have been discarded from the DCU’s plans after James Gunn and Peter Safran decided that there was no space at the table for The Rock’s Man in Black and the other Justice Society members. But for now, this remains the situation.

His Unique Interactions With Animals

On social media, the actor-producer introduced the newest addition to the Johnson family, or as he likes to call it, “the crackhead zoomies.” With a mix of confusion and amusement on his face, the 50-year-old watched as the guinea pig went round and round in circles.

Johnson‘s appetite for cheat meals is such that even a solitary guinea pig wouldn’t satisfy him, and he’d require a much larger prey to devour. Thankfully, his attempt to grab the little creature and gobble it up was thwarted. However, it’s safe to say that the children wouldn’t be thrilled if he turned their furry friend into his next meal.

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