Daniel Radcliffe Expecting First Child With Partner Erin Darke

Daniel Radcliffe Expecting First Child

The Harry Potter actor is expecting a baby! Daniel Radcliffe and his longtime partner, Darke, are expecting their first child.

On Saturday, a rep for the Harry Potter actor, 33, is claimed to have confirmed the good news. The pair, who have been together for almost a decade, is said to be ‘absolutely thrilled’ to become parents.

Daniel Radcliffe Expecting First Child

Both Daniel and Erin are overjoyed with the pregnancy. They can’t wait to start their new life as a family of three and are overjoyed.

Just one day after the couple was seen on a romantic stroll in New York with Erin’s 38-year-old tummy protruding, word leaked that they are expecting. As they covered up against the cold, the expecting parents seemed calm and unconcerned.

How Did They Meet?

The couple first got to know each other while collaborating on the movie Kill Your Darlings in 2012, and they have now been together for more than ten years.

In 2020, Daniel shared with People magazine his experience of meeting Erin for the first time. He remarked that their future children would find it quite a tale to hear, given the intimate scene they shared in the film. He went on to say that their characters were introduced in a flirtatious manner, which mirrored their own playful encounter.

In 2015, he recounted how he was instantly drawn to her during their first scene together in the film. He expressed, “There was no acting involved, at least not on my part. There was a moment when she made me laugh, and I couldn’t help but laugh as myself, not as my character. She was extremely witty and clever. I knew then that I was in trouble.”

Erin informed People that she and her partner connected through their mutual love and appreciation for their respective professions. It was a beautiful and gratifying experience to be with someone who inherently comprehended this aspect of her. Additionally, she mentioned that they both provide unwavering support for each other’s careers.

Daniel is renowned for his portrayal of Harry Potter in the movie series, whereas Erin has acted in Still Alice, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Good Girls Revolt. The couple, known for their privacy, rarely attend professional events together, but they reside in New York City.

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In 2021, the couple reunited on screen for an episode of The Miracle Workers, and they haven’t dismissed the possibility of collaborating in the future.

Actor Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley, had a baby with his partner Georgia Groom in May of 2020. On a recent visit to Watch What Happens Live, Daniel spoke about his feelings about becoming a dad. He sent his pal Rupert his heartfelt congratulations. In addition, Daniel remarked on the eeriness of realizing that they were all at the age when having children was the usual.

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