“The Controversial Dog that Stole the Show: The Untold Story of Porthos in Star Trek DS9”

The Untold Story of Porthos in Star Trek DS9

Discover the backstory of the bomb-sniffing dog, Porthos in Star Trek DS9(Deep Space Nine) episode “The Siege of AR-558.” Read More…

The Untold Story of Porthos in Star Trek DS9

The Makers introduced a dog named Porthos in Star Trek DS9 to the character Captain Benjamin Sisko in season 5. This choice was received with varied reactions from fans, some of whom protested the presence of a dog in a program set on a space station.

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The makers, however, defended the decision, stating that dogs have been a part of human existence for thousands of years and would most likely continue to do so in the future. They also mentioned that having a pet on the show helps to humanize and relate to the characters.

The addition of Porthos was not the only contentious choice made by the “Deep Space Nine” staff. The program included a narrative in season 6 in which the crew of the space station went to war with the Borg, a race of artificial creatures bent on absorbing other species.

This storyline was contentious since it contradicted the established canon of the “Star Trek” universe, which had previously established that the Borg were almost unstoppable and that defeating them was practically impossible. Despite this, the makers opted to pursue the plot, feeling that it would offer the characters a new and intriguing challenge.

Porthos in Star Trek DS9

Nevertheless, the narrative was well-received by fans and reviewers alike, and it is still recognized as one of the series’ highlights. The inclusion of Porthos and the choice to defy existing canon with the Borg war scenario indicate the “Deep Space Nine” team’s willingness to take chances and push the boundaries of the “Star Trek” universe.

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