Chef Manju Malhi Is Getting Ready For Her Big Day As A Coronation Guest

Chef Manju Malhi

Chef Manju Malhi is slated to wear an Indo-Western ensemble made by British Indian fashion designer Geeta Handa during King Charles’ Coronation.

She is among the last recipients of a BEM from Charles’ mother, late Queen Elizabeth II, for community work in London during the COVID-19 reaction.

Chef Manju Malhi Is Getting Ready As A Coronation Guest Of King Charles

The award recognized her efforts providing remote culinary instruction to the old age organization Open Age during lockdown and earned her a coveted Abbey invitation to a meeting of an estimated 2,000 community champions, charity representatives, international leaders, and monarchs.

During Covid shutdown, she provided remote cooking instruction to the old age organization Open Age, earning her the medal.

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“When I realised it is actually happening, I felt like gosh – who am I to be at one of the most historic moments in global history, sitting in the Abbey watching the ceremony take place for real,” Manju Malhi said.

She added, “I’m quite nervous because normally I just cook and throw on some clothes and an apron. But this is almost like a wedding but more important than that. I think I have everything ready; I have to do a checklist like I do with my ingredients.”

Manju Malhi is set to wear an Indo-Western outfit designed by Geeta Handa, a British Indian fashion designer.

Geeta Handa stated, “As a British Indian fashion designer, her vintage inspired outfits are all about creating a global style statement through conscious fashion. We loved making BEM recipient Manju Malhi look the part for the day in her coronation outfit as she actively supports our sustainable ethics and giving back to the community.”

Geeta Handa further added, “They have also kept in mind the Union Jack – the flag of the United Kingdom colors and added elements of the 1940s, the era King Charles was born, to its sleek shape and frill double collar. The broderie fabric gives it an effortless sophisticated day dress look.”

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