The Way Of Kings (The Stormlight Archive)

The Way Of Kings (The Stormlight Archive)

With “The Way of Kings,” the first novel in Brandon Sanderson’s critically acclaimed “Stormlight Archive” series, immerse yourself in a world of epic fantasy and adventure. This novel, published in 2010, takes readers on an exciting voyage to the planet Roshar, whose natural forces are as lethal as they are awe-inspiring. Highstorms wreak havoc on the country, changing the residents’ culture and civilization in both terrible and beautiful ways.

Experience Roshar’s Epic World: A Land of Highstorms and High Adventure in “The Way of Kings”

Credit – Isaac Stewart/ Brandon Sanderson

Life on Roshar in “The Way of Kings” is a continual fight to subsist against the vagaries of the storms, but the inhabitants have adapted and prospered despite the difficulties. They’ve built their towns and residences to endure the winds and storms, resulting in a distinct and intriguing culture, unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

The plot revolves around a wide ensemble of individuals, each with their own difficulties and accomplishments as they traverse Roshar’s harsh geography. From the mighty warrior Kaladin, who is driven to protect those he loves, to the clever scholar Jasnah, who tries to unearth the mysteries of the Voidbringers, Roshar’s old foe. These individuals and their tales will have you on the edge of your seat as they go on an adventure full of action, political intrigue, and profound moral quandaries.

Dalinar Kholin, the monarch of a strong kingdom on Roshar, Shallan Davar, a young lady striving to unravel the truths of the past, and Kaladin, a slave and former soldier trying to find his place in a world where he has been deceived and abused, are the primary characters in the novel.

The novel also introduces a magic system in the form of Surges, each with its own set of skills, which are used by Knight Radiant, a group of powerful warriors who can use magic to protect the land and its people.

You’ll be carried away by the rich and deep world-building, the convoluted politics, and the interesting magic system that distinguishes this book from others in the genre as you read. Whether you appreciate fantasy or are searching for a fresh and thrilling adventure, “The Way of Kings” will take you to a world unlike any other and leave you wanting more.

Several major characters appear in “The Way of Kings,” including:

Dalinar Kholin:

Dalinar is an Alethkar high prince and the commander of the Kholin army in “The Way of Kings”. He is the uncle of the current Alethi monarch, Elhokar Kholin, and is renowned as “Blackthorn” for his tremendous war ability. He is a powerful commander who is well-liked by his soldiers and regarded as one of the top military strategists in the world. He is also a family man who adores his family, particularly his brother and nephews.

His life is flipped upside down when he begins having vivid hallucinations in which he sees and relives previous events, leading him to doubt Roshar’s origins and the acts of his forefathers. He begins to feel that there is more to these visions and that there is a bigger power at work around the globe. He begins to seek answers, to the reality of his visions.

As the narrative develops, Dalinar’s ideas and morals begin to evolve as he confronts the potential of a new type of leadership, one founded on principles of justice and equality rather than conquest. He also begins to question how things are done in his culture and advocates for change.

He also becomes a vital actor in forming a coalition of several kingdoms to battle against Roshar’s resurrected old foe, the Voidbringer, which he believes is the actual purpose of his visions.

Finally, his acts and views divide people, with some considering him as a savior and others seeing him as a dangerous heretic. His plot line is an important part of the novel and serves as the foundation for the entire series of “The Way of Kings”.

Shallan Davar:

Shallan Davar is another key character is a young lady of noble birth who has taken a job as the ward and apprentice of Jasnah Kholin, a respected scholar and the king’s sister, in order to save her family from financial disaster in “The Way of Kings”. Shallan is a bright and eager young woman who is keen to create a name for herself. She is also an excellent liar who maintains many identities in order to conceal her background and personal life.

As she devotes more time to Jasnah, she discovers previously unknown mysteries about Roshar’s past and present in “The Way of Kings”. She, like Dalinar, begins to question the way things are done in her culture and becomes motivated to discover the truth about the world and her position in it.

She also has the power to “Soulstamp,” which allows her to draw and construct an exact duplicate of everything she sees. This talent is seen as a sort of magic, and it is linked to the truth about Shallan’s background, which is gradually revealed during the narrative.


Kaladin begins as a slave and former soldier who was sold to Highprince Sadeas’ army after being duped by his own companions. He is initially resolved to just survive, but as he forms ties with his fellow slaves, he begins to hope for more in “The Way of Kings”. He is a talented physician, and his compassion, solid moral compass, and devotion to his fellow people contrast with the brutal realities of his circumstances.

He is fiercely independent and uncompromising, with a strong yearning for liberty. He begins to plot an escape from the Highprince army for his fellow slaves, but the reality is worse than he expected. He quickly finds himself commanding a bunch of slaves in similar situations to himself.

Kaladin also has a particular relationship with a windspren named Sylphrena, which offers him specific skills like the ability to run quicker, jump higher, and heal quicker. He acquires a unique knowledge of the Adhesion surge, which is tied to his spren relationship and gives him the capacity to attach to surfaces, allowing him to travel around the battlefield in ways that nobody else can.

As the narrative progresses, he is trained to be a member of the bridge crew, a squad of slave soldiers whose main mission is to transport a bridge over the battlefield so that the army can pass. This is regarded as a life sentence. But Kaladin swiftly transforms this new job into much more, using his abilities, leadership, and ability to inspire others to transform the bridge crew into much far more than a death crew in “The Way of Kings”.

Adolin Kholin:

Adolin Kholin is a prominent character in “The Way of Kings.” He is the eldest son of one of the main protagonists, Dalinar Kholin, and a talented Shardbearer, a warrior who wields potent magical weapons. Adolin is a brilliant duelist who is eager to prove himself and bring glory to his family.

He is first shown as a cheerful and vivacious individual who is more concerned with having fun and winning duels than with politics or the impending war. He is also a ladies’ guy who has been in a number of love engagements. He is the polar opposite of his father, who is more serious and introspective.

Adolin begins to doubt his father’s new views and ideals as the novel unfolds, which are at variance with the traditional Alethi way of life. He begins to notice the effects of conflict on ordinary people and begins to question the way things are carried out in his culture. He begins to develop a feeling of duty and begins to behave more like a leader than a pampered son of a highprince.

His part in the plot is more action-oriented, and his growth occurs frequently throughout war expeditions and duels in “The Way of Kings”. He also begins to be a voice of wisdom and compassion in Alethi politics, and he becomes a vital role in the alliance of several kingdoms against Roshar’s ancient foe, the Voidbringer.

Jasnah Kholin:

Jasnah is a formidable and clever lady who is a renowned scholar, heretic, and the king’s sister, Elhokar Kholin. She is also the tutor and guardian of Shallan Davar in “The Way of Kings”.

Jasnah has committed her life to learn the Voidbringers, Roshar’s old foe, in order to comprehend the actual nature of the threat they pose. She is a strong magic user that has access to Surgebinding magic, which allows her to influence the elements. She is also a talented scholar who has spent years researching Roshar’s old books.

She is extremely clever, self-sufficient, and tenacious. Her unconventional ideas frequently put her in conflict with those in authority, and many regard her as a heretic.

As Shallan’s teacher, confidante, and advisor, their relationship is one of mutual respect, trust, and love.

Jasnah’s purpose in the tale is to solve the secrets of the past and reveal the actual nature of the plot’s ancient foe. Her character adds richness and intricacy to the plot and Roshar’s realm. She is also a symbol of questioning and opposing the status quo in a culture that values tradition and conformity above all else in “The Way of Kings”.

Other noteworthy characters in “The Way of Kings” include:

King Elhokar Kholin:

King Elhokar Kholin is the current ruler of Alethkar, a great kingdom on the planet Roshar. He is the nephew of one of the main characters, Dalinar Kholin, who is the captain of the Kholin army and a highprince in “The Way of Kings”.

King Elhokar is shown as a youthful and naive monarch who frequently disputes with his uncle Dalinar. He is also a man obsessed with his own feeling of grandeur, struggling with the weight of his obligations as king. He is insecure and resentful of his uncle, a more accomplished and well-liked leader.

Elhokar begins to doubt his own leadership as the story progresses, and he realizes that he must rely on the guidance and advice of others, notably his uncle Dalinar, whose beliefs and views he starts to trust and obey.

Elhokar’s role in the story is largely to act as a catalyst to set events in action, as well as to embody the idea of a leader struggling to find his footing and live up to his people’s expectations. He represents the hardships of a young leader attempting to find his path in a nation devastated by war and political shenanigans in “The Way of Kings”.

Highprince Sadeas:

Highprince Sadeas is one of Alethkar’s highprinces and an opponent of Dalinar Kholin, the antagonist and the head of the Kholin army in “The Way of Kings”

Highprince Sadeas is described as a harsh and ambitious guy who seeks personal fortune and power above all else. He is noted for his cunning, strategic thinking, and determination to go to any length to achieve his objectives. He is continually plotting against his adversaries, particularly Dalinar, in order to obtain greater power and influence. He also appreciates his men’s loyalty and will not hesitate to punish any who dispute his authority.

Sadeas is also portrayed as a ruler eager to sacrifice his soldiers’ lives for his own benefit and is frequently willing to make bargains with his adversaries in order to secure his own dominance. He is also viewed as a man who is eager to take advantage of a circumstance or someone else’s tragedy in order to advance his work.

He is determined in the novel to undermine Dalinar’s authority and seize control of the Kholin army. His acts and plotting eventually cause tension and strife within the Alethi leadership in “The Way of Kings”.


Teft is a former soldier and slave who joins Kaladin’s bridge crew and subsequently becomes a significant part of Kaladin’s squad.

He is first presented as a weathered warrior plagued by the ghosts of his past, particularly the memories of those he has slain. He is a heavy drinker who has been badly affected by his experiences. Despite this, he is a fiercely loyal and reliable guy who is devoted to defending and assisting his friends, particularly Kaladin in “The Way of Kings”.

Teft becomes a trusted member of Kaladin’s squad as the tale develops, serving as a mentor and confidant to the other members of the bridge crew. He is also a smart soldier who understands the ways of war and how to survive in combat. He is crucial in Kaladin’s development from slave to the leader.

Teft is also a man with a strong moral compass, determined to do the right thing even if it means placing himself at risk. He has a deep past and personal motives, and his narrative is one of redemption and finding purpose, as he ultimately finds a way to reconcile with and make up for his mistakes in “The Way of Kings”.


Sylphrena, usually known as Syl, is a character in Brandon Sanderson’s “Stormlight Archive” series and the first novel in the series. She is a windspren, a form of spirit being indigenous to Roshar. Sylphrena is a sentient entity with a unique connection to Kaladin. Throughout the novel, she is his friend, adviser, and protector in “The Way of Kings”.

Sylphrena has been characterized as a diminutive, transparent, and ethereal entity with a lively and inquisitive demeanor. She can alter her appearance and size and is frequently portrayed as a young woman with long ribbon-adorned hair in “The Way of Kings”. She can also travel at high speeds and become invisible to human sight.

Sylphrena’s major purpose in the plot is to be Kaladin’s guide and companion, guiding him through the various trials he meets during the novel. She can also connect with and comprehend Kaladin in a manner that no one else can. Their relationship grants Kaladin special skills such as greater speed, enhanced senses, and faster healing.

Sylphrena and Kaladin build a strong and lasting love as the novel unfolds, and she becomes one of the most important persons in his life. She assists him in comprehending and accepting his past and his place in the world. Her function in the plot is to assist Kaladin in discovering his purpose and to accompany him on his path of self-discovery in “The Way of Kings”.


Nalan is a darkeyes, a name used to describe the planet of Roshar’s enslaved populace. He is a member of the bridge crew and, like many of the other members, is a slave who has endured much suffering and injustice in “The Way of Kings”.

He is initially unapproachable, and Kaladin has difficulty getting through to him. However, Kaladin’s leadership and compassion enable Nalan to view things differently over time, and they form a relationship, becoming friends and trustworthy comrades. Nalan is frequently portrayed as a guy of few words, with a realistic and hard-nosed approach to life, but also a decent sense of humor. He is also a man with a strong code of morality who is prepared to stake his life for whatever is right.

These are only a handful of “The Way of Kings” many characters, each of whom plays an important part in the plot and the planet of Roshar.

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